Contacts – Calendar – Documents . . . Dancing in the cloud!

During 1/2 time at Saturday’s soccer game, I did a quick check of email from my phone.

There, I found the following “ToDos”:

  • Schedule 2 additional houses for the Buyer client I would meet that afternoon
  • Forward a Rental Lease Agreement to a prospect
  • Schedule a coaching appointment
  • Refer a contractor to a client
Within 10 minutes, it was ALL done!
At my fingertips on my phone, I had immediate access to ALL of my contacts – My Calendar – AND my documents.
To some folks, this is no miraculous feat . . . to others, it might be voodoo magic.
All of this is possible when you’re in the cloud.
I hang out in Google’s cloud, and I learn more about getting more done with less effort every time I play in this cloud.
It all began with Gmail for me. I was at the breaking point with this HEAVY “Contact Manager” program which seemed to give me MORE to do each time I went there.
Gmail made capturing and categorizing new contacts EASY.
If you are:
  • Dazed and confused about how to play in the cloud – OR
  • An expert cloud dancer
I hope you’ll join us for a Mastermind Session that will GUARANTEE everyone who comes will learn at least one way to do more with less effort in the cloud.
Thursday 6/14 @ 10 AM
Following the Session, Michael Thornton ( is bringing FREE LUNCH!
And will tell us about his 2 “REALTOR Leveraging Companies”
  • Complete Home Inspections, Inc offers consistency in reporting and service unparalleled in the industry . . . above and beyond what most companies deliver to serve their clients. They are also putting together a web site that will address common issues found during the reporting process. The site is being designed to educate the public and Realtors. Launch date will be 30 June.
  • Creative Video Concepts – combination of video and photography will be taken of the property to generate a walk-through video similar to an agent taking a client for a walk-through of a property. Video will walk your customer through room by room. There will be features for music tracks and audio track. The goal is to keep it affordable – somewhere in the $110 – $120 price range.
Please RSVP

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