Consistent Persistence Wins the GOLD!

Sunday 2/24/2013 was the BIG day that our mighty 8th grade SBA Women Bears played in the championship final VS their nemesis arch-rivals Christ the King.

This St Bernard Academy team had quite a season . . . and had already taken home the high honor of winning the regular season.

Now for the REAL challenge. Christ the King is a TOUGH team that, when they’re HOT, can sink 3 pointers just as smoothly as their free throws.

Our lady Bears came READY for whatever these worthy opponents brought to the court . . . and a resolute commitment “not to leave ANYTHING” on the court . . . They came to win, and if the win didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be due to lack of effort.

Rather than giving a play-by-play recount of the game, I thought it only appropriate to offer the words of Head Coach Tim Wurz in a follow-up email message:

You should know though that the true gift was the time that (Coach) Jim (Bruton) and I had to spend over the last four months with 11 of the most amazing young people I’ve ever encountered.  The girls should all be so very proud, not only of their on-court accomplishments, but even more important, of their strength of character, their work ethic, and their team cohesion.  Week in and week out, they worked so incredibly hard and molded themselves into a real team on which every “next person in” was able to fulfill her responsibilities and earn the trust and admiration of her teammates and the fans.  In the excitement of the game, you might not have realized it, but the Bears held Christ the King scoreless for the entire overtime period.  Defense is the hallmark of any “team,” and that attribute was on full display yesterday afternoon.

Without question, these young athletes had “Stepped up,” and the going wasn’t easy.

Many of these players (Including Jessica my daughter) had limited basketball experience when they joined this team. Coaches Tim and Jim challenged them from the start to be their best . . . and these coaches never settled for less than full effort.

Yet we all know that great coaches only get great results when their players are “Coachable” TEAM PLAYERS who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

This was a veritable perfect storm of great coaches and motivated players.

This team was a fine example of a “High Performance – High PLAY – WINNING Organization, and we spectators stand here in awe of their accomplishments this season.

They weren’t winners in the beginning, but they ALL had an internal commitment to BE the winners.

And so their persistent, consistent focus on the things that MATTER led to:

The winning of the League Regular Season.

There were plenty of moments during the season when it would have been easy to quit . . . or relax and relegate the season to “Whatever” . . . These players wouldn’t allow that. They continued to learn and work on IMPROVING not just themselves but the team as a whole.

The Tournament Final Game was a fantastic game and had within it every emotion you could possibly have in a sporting event. Our players persevered and hung together and won THIS:

The first quarter was “even play” and very little scoring . . . note Coach’s comment: “Defense is the hallmark of any “team,”

Both these teams knew that, and they also know that without scoring there won’t be winning . . . They played HARD!

SBA pulled ahead in the 2nd quarter and stayed ahead for the remainder of the game . . . until Christ the King scored a 3 pointer with 1 minute on the clock to TIE THE GAME.

Then there was a technical foul on Christ the King for calling a time out without having any available – We missed both free-throw shots (In a LOUD CROWD environment) . . . Off to overtime . . . with much trepidation.

Those 3 minutes of overtime play felt like 3 hours, but WE scored . . . and they didn’t . . . so WE WON . . . YAY!

It’s not that Christ The Christ didn’t attempt shots that shut them down in overtime . . . It was that almost every one of their shots was tipped or stuffed . . . Our girls got a lead and protected it vehemently.

MORE goods news . . . The SBA Varsity Boys ALSO won their League and their Tournament. Today, I walked into the lobby of the school and saw this:

In everything you do, remember “Persistent Consistence” will get you there.

Oh Yeah!

and a Few of other tidbits:

  • Be coachable
  • Build a TEAM
  • Have a good defense
  • SCORE every chance you get


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