Confidence in Nashville Real Estate Market – Yes

Don’t worry! Be Confident!

This is the time of year when I’m often asked:

“How will the Nashville Real Estate market fare in 2017 and in the next 5-10 years?”

When I ask: “Why do you ask?”, The prevalent answer is: “I’m worried it’s been too good for too long, and we are due for another down-turn.”

I read this to indicate a lack of confidence. After all, how can we KNOW that the real estate won’t slide starting tomorrow?

Of course, the media doesn’t help foster confidence in – well – ANYTHING, so we worry.

Ah yes! There are also plenty “arm chair quarterbacks” on social media who flit from one false premise to another and pontificate doom and gloom with a large serving “knowitall.”

“They don’t know it all!”

Well, I guess we REALTORS do not have Crystal balls, but we do have knowledge and experience that helps us restore some of this Home Buyer and Seller confidence thereby reducing worry.

The City of Nashville continues to thrive. More companies continue to move into our fair city and bring with them many thousands of people all who need to live somewhere.

Demographically, we are rich with Millennials and Baby Boomers all of whom are likely to Buying and selling LOTS of houses and Condominiums in 2017 and beyond. The real experts says this trend will take every bit of 10 years to run its course.

Don’t get greedy based on what I say above. I believe Nashville house values will continue to increase at a healthy rate . . . We’re just laid beck enough to avoid the hyper-appreciation some markets are experiencing.

All in all, I am confident and exuberant about my prediction that 2017 will be a more balanced, healthy market than we’ve seen in the past 12+ years.

After all . . . Worrying is like a rocking chair – Gives ya something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere.

Don’t worry! 2017 is a FABULOUS year for you to make that move and buy your first home or sell your current home for a move up or down . . . or a simple shake up of your lifestyle by moving to a more adventuresome location.

Let’s get moving!

Call you favorite REALTOR today and get this process rolling before Spring hits.

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