Concrete Benefits…ICF Construction

This is a rarity for me – a “Re-blog”

Nick has a listing that’s unique . . . not only in location but also in STRUCTURE.

This structure can withstand most anything Mother Nature cares to conjure up and throw at it (Not a bad thing to live in here in the Tornado Zone)

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Concrete Benefits…

Sticks and stones will break your bones…but 13 inch concrete walls will protect you! If you are unfamiliar with ICF Homes (Insulating Concrete Forms) let this blog be a little 411 for you to chew on. I am representing a property in Nashville that is constructed using concrete and steal instead of wood and nails. This 6,200 foot custom beauty has external walls built by infusing steel rebar surrounded with solid concrete. Not only that, but the floor joists between the 3 levels of the home are solid steel beams. There are many benefits to owning an ICF home. Here are just a few:
1. Safety: This home could take a direct hit from a tornado and still be standing. The entire home is literally build like “safe room”. You might lose the roof and windows…but being surrounded by concrete and steel will save your life. 2. ICF homes are incredibly energy efficient. The cost to heat and cool this 6,200 square foot home is roughly the same cost that the owners had when they lived in a 2 bedroom apartment!!! 3. The home is relatively “sound proof”. When you walk into this home it feels like you are walking into a music studio. Extremely quiet. You can’t even hear the neighbor mow his yard 4. Fire: we all live with the fear of fire burning down our homes and taking everything that we own. Both concrete and steel do NOT BURN 5. Termites: Unless you find an African strain of Terminator Termites with steel jaws….the little bugs that we as Realtors in Tennessee have to always hated with don’t stand a chance of causing damage. These are just a few of the benefits to owning an ICF home like this one. Other than the ICF benefits of this property, it is fully custom and unbelievably beautiful. On a hilltop overlooking Nashville, the home has the same type of feel as something that you would find in Annandale…located just 2 miles away. Custom flooring, ironwork, windows, doors, etc… make this one unlike anything you have ever seen. This property would be valued well over $1,100,000 if located in the Annandale Subdivision…but just 2 miles away off of Edmonson Pike…we are a steal at $784,990 for 6,200 feet on a full acre lot with a walkout basement. For more information, please check out our website Thank you and God Bless! 6027 Woodland Hills Drive Nashville, TN MLS # 1316122
Nick Woodard
Hodges and Fooshee Realty
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