“Come from Behind Victories” are highly overrated

Come from Behind victories are highly overrated.

In fact, I think they’re just plain SILLY!

If you’ve got the power, USE it from the beginning.

Don’t just lollygag along at half throttle through life with a series of mad dashes to the finish line.

This practice may be fun or exhilarating for you, but I assure you it tarnishes your reputation.

Yes, some people will praise you for your valiant effort . . . That is, if your sprint is enough to get you there . . . Others will hold a bad taste in their mouth wondering why you waited so long to perform.

For sales people (which is most everyone in the world in one form or another), this is an easy rut to find . . . Going from one sprint to another . . . The sad part is that each sprint likely follows a series of dropped balls and lack of communication thereby creating the necessity for the sprint.

I’ve just had a few recent experiences  I had a need for a loan but wasn’t exactly certain how to structure the loan or who could help me. Because I am a REALTOR, I know LOTS of Bankers . . . so I started meeting with folks.

Meeting after meeting, I got the “same ole” . . . seemed like no-one wanted the business because virtually all of them listened to my scenario but never HEARD me . . . Most went the easy route and said I need to go to the SBA (Small Business Administration).

Then . . . One day . . . one of the bankers CALLED ME BACK and said: “Hey Barry! I’ve been thinking about what we talked about, and I think I might be able to help you. Let’s talk some more about what you need.”

We had a great talk, and it seemed like things were moving . . . then they stalled . . . communication waned . . .

I had the thought that if she could do it, certainly someone else could also, so I called a few others.

Lo and behold . . . There are now a pack of Bankers all in a dead sprint for the finish line. It’s as if the appearance of competition suddenly awakened the “Knight in Shining Armor” within all of them.

Where was that passion 3 months ago?

My message:

In your business and personal life, don’t get caught up in the myth that “Come From Behind Victories” are glorious.

They communicate to those around you that you are a thrill seeker whose planning and organizational skills are lacking . . . and/or whose motivation is to WIN rather than to SERVE.

Just some food for thought as I now ponder the reality that I won’t necessarily do business with the Banker who crosses the finish line first . . . It’ll be the one who has LISTENED and COMMUNICATED best who will get my business at the finish line.

Just sayin’



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