Colder Weather

The weather dude says the temperatures will plunge any minute.

I just got back from a nice walk with the dogs (7 AM) enjoying a relatively balmy 55 degrees.

Tonight’s walk, it’ll be 23 degrees . . . and Wednesday will be low single digits (maybe even 0).

That’s the way it is here in Tennessee in the Winter. It’s entirely possible the temperatures will climb into the 70s in a few weeks for a round of “Indian summer” thereby tricking the Daises into early blooming.

Then, colder weather will likely show up again . . . We might have snow in mid March . . . or not.

So it goes also with relationships and emotions.

Folks’ psyches ebb and flow – Cold, Wet, Stormy, Balmy, HOT . . . and we each have our seasons, and any person’s personal weather forecast can be just as difficult to predict as the weather outside.

So . . . have patience and don’t jump to conclusions based on a person’s demeanor.

If she’s short with ya and somewhat rude, perhaps she’s just “in colder weather” . . . odds are decent it’ll change for the better later.

This is something VERY important to consider in any negotiation (especially a Real Estate transaction) because we can’t ever know what’s the weather in the other side’s world.

Do as we do when the weather is frightful outside – Hunker down, protect yourself, and wait the storm out.

One caveat . . . there’s no accounting for crazy people, so if you run into of those people, just say 3 “Bless your hearts” . . . and proceed til tackled.

and don’t lose sight of the goal . . .

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