Climbing out on a limb

Today, I have stepped WAY beyond my comfort zone.
I shot my first Facebook Live segment.
Here it is:

For a LONG time, I have been intending to do video because I know that it’s definitely THE most effective medium for getting a message “out there” most efficiently.

After all, the audience gets more than the single dimensional text and photo content on the web because they get to see action and feeling and body language and everything that comes with all of that.

The ever famous happened a little over a week ago, and I was so fortunate as to be able to sit through the first 2 sessions learning about VIDEO.

By 10 AM that morning, I had received everything I needed to FINALLY launch video for Pareto Realty.

All these years, I’ve been frustrated with the technology, and that has always provided me the excuse not to dive in to the video realm.

That’s no longer a valid excuse to sit on the sidelines because the equipment has improved both in ease of use and in pricing. For reasonable $, I can have everything I need to do (almost) studio quality video in the office or while meandering around around Nashville.

REBarCamp gave me that kick in the seat of my pants I needed, and I am now fully committed to go ALL IN with this effort.

I’m so excited I want to let you in on some of what is to come:

  • Barry’s Drive Time – Facebook Live video each morning between 7:20-7:40 – Random musings @ life and real estate.
  • Pareto Realty – 5 segments about the origin of our firm, the significance of of our brand and logo, and our beliefs and perspectives.
  • Home Buyers – 5 Segments offering insight to the process of buying a house from start to finish
  • Home Sellers – 5 Segments offering insight to the process of selling a house from start to finish
  • Mortgage Loan Process – 5 Segments offering insight to the process of securing the right financing for your home purchase
  • Mortgage Loan Options – 5 Segments offering insight to the different types of financing available
  • Neighborhood Features – Ongoing walk-throughs of neighborhoods throughout Middle Tennessee
  • Local Business Features – Restaurant and locally owned businesses
  • Events and Festivals throughout Middle TN

All of this will be available on our website and our YouTube channel (Both to be launched May 1)

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll tune in to the Daily drive time.

i’d love your constructive feedback as we move forward.

I hope you have a fabulous week,



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  1. Cool……must be nice to have a chauffeur while you concentrate on delivering the message. Good to know you are not driving and trying to multitask.

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