Cleansing and pruning – Just as in Nature

I love a good, old fashioned thunderstorm.

The light show and sound effects are: “WOW!” (as the dogs run for their respective hiding places and tremble)

Even better, how ’bout the storm that brings with it a few straight line winds and a small pack of tornadic “cells?”

Just before the torrent of rain shows up, cooler winds waft through the trees . . . followed by a few moments of complete silence . . . a calm before the STORM.

When it hits, the entertainment factor is off the charts . . . Spectacular!

The storm moves out just as fast as it came, and we all marvel at the amount of debris on the ground, and we commence the tidying process.

Mother Nature has just VERY efficiently pruned our trees for us and bathed our entire “outside” just as she’s reminded us oh-so-vividly how small we are in the grand scheme of things.

So it goes also in our personal and professional lives.

We weather the Storms as they pass through, and we help each other tidy up the aftermath.

We acknowledge the pruning that happens, and we appreciate the cleansing.

and yes . . . we again have a newfound respect for the sheer power of the larger forces that be . . . for they don’t control us as much as they remind us of our mortality and nudge us to get back on our feet and project our personal power forth with vitality.

How’s that for a dose of stream of consciousness babble.

I’m simply in awe of your ability to power through even the widest of storms with such grace.


Published by Barry Owen

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