Clash of personality – Monday Morning Coffee

When every conversation feels like a fight, cooperative Spirit doesn’t have a chance.

Struggling to communicate with what we think to be an arrogant, angry jerk is no fun at all.

We want to leave this “relationship” because “life’s too short”, BUT circmustances do not provide quitting as a viable option.

For example – In business – Your boss or co-worker or customer/client or one of the parties on the other side of a negotiation.

As tempers flare, the quality of communication degrades quickly, yet we all know that we must serve our customers and work through this uncomfortable morass.

We wonder why that person is such a jerk, and we know that there could be a variety of reasons things aren’t going well:

  • The person could, indeed, be a JERK.
  • The person may be in the midst of “Personal Drama” – Death in the family, divorce, illness, financial difficulty
  • Maybe there’s an unknown “decision maker” who is the unreasonable one, and the one we are dealing with is “Only doing what her Principal is diirecting her to do.”
  • Perhaps YOU have a role in this conflict. Consider your approach and ammend.
  • and of course, this could simply be a clash of personalities

Regardless of the reason, we’ve gotta serve and protect our clients and find our way to reaching our collective objective.

I find that defaulting to a “per the contract” approach can be useful. This simply means that we communicate only in terms of the written terms of our agreement. This then becomes a purely matter of fact conversation with no room for emotion (drama).

We cannot always “just all get along” because of all of the myriad potential complications referenced above . . .

but we can seek to understand . . .

stay on the high road . . .

and serve and protect our clients respectfully.


Published by Barry Owen

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