Circle the wagons

When under attack, the settlers circled their wagons for cover and protection.

This provided for them a 360 degree defensive perimeter and the advantages of cover and concealment and fields of fire.

When I was in the army learning battlefield strategy and maneuver, cover, concealment and fields of vision were always the first consideration.

Is our position protected from enemy fire (bullets)?

Is concealment adequate such that our attackers cannot know about our capabilities (Number of people, Weapons, Ammunition Supply, Sustenance/Food etc.

Do we have a good line of sight for the whole 360 degrees, so the attackers cannot sneak up on us with SURPRISE? are there any “Dead Zones” in our line of sight in which the attackers can be hiding without us seeing them?

How can this concept improve your quality of life and personal and professional well-being?


Circle your wagons around you and the people, things and principles that are important to you.

Hope you have a great, long weekend and remember that Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving and protecting our freedom and way of life.




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