Charitable support from your heart

I can think of a bajillion reasons to be “too busy” to volunteer for your cause.

After all, there are at least another bajillion people with myriad “opportunities” for me to spend my time, energy, and money to help others.

I know your cause is important to you, and I respect that. In fact, I am grateful for your passion to support this undeserved underserved population . . . your work is and will make a huge difference.

The truth is that I am investing my charitable capital in some other deeply personal causes . . . causes for which I have a great passion.

I think this is true for most people. We discover our charitable passion in the experiences of our lives.

For me, Alzheimer, Addiction, and Suicide are diseases which I have witnessed within my own family and my whole sphere of influence. All 3 of these are killers . . . and all 3 are beyond my imagination of why?

So . . . judge not folks who choose not to contribute to your cause, for I believe every soul on this earth is carrying a (or many) charitable “burden” of their own.

Please continue to invite others to support your cause, and when they respectfully decline, thank them for the support they are giving to the causes for which they have passion.

Published by Barry Owen

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