Celebrating but not Off Duty

The “Holiday Season” launches full-tilt this Friday.

Halloween night marks the official “productivity slide” for many of us as we anticipate Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year celebration.

This is akin to Business Hibernation of many REALTORS who literally “Turn Off” their business until Winter passes (mid-March) and then wake up in a cold sweat panic to get their business rolling again.

Many home buyers and sellers will find themselves orphaned by their slumbering REALTORS.

For those REALTORS who choose to skip this opportunity for a 4 1/2 month nap from their business, and instead opt to crank up the volume, this time of year has “OPPORTUNITY” written all over it.

In no way am I advocating shunning the seasonal celebrations because I believe it is most important to spend time with friends and family to create memories and CELEBRATE.

I simply invite you to wake up each morning with a new mantra . . . “I’m celebrating but not off duty”

Odds are decent, you’ll “adopt” some orphaned Home Buyers and Sellers and could very well chalk up your most productive 4th and 1st quarters EVER.

I can’t wait to hear your stories.


Published by Barry Owen

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