Call, Text, Email, DM, FB, LI, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Smoke Signals, Morse Code . . .

When the message is IMPORTANT, don’t rely on just one.

In this world of instant communication, how is it that so many people fail to communicate?

Could it be that there’s no longer a “standard” mode of communication, therefore MIS-communication often happens just because the peeps in the conversation are on different platforms?

Back in the day, we had Telephone, Fax, and CB radio . . .

We’d draft an offer and CALL the other REALTOR to arrange a face-to-face meeting to present the offer. In the event a meeting couldn’t happen, we would agree to deliver it to their office . . . In a real pinch, we might agree to fax it.

Very few people sent a fax without being CERTAIN the receiving party knew it was on the way . . . and then we would call after sending just to be sure the fax showed up.

Today’s different!

With these myriad means of communication, it’s not uncommon to find an offer magically appear in my email in-box without ANY prior conversation or notification . . . from an agent I don’t know . . . and a Buyer I know nothing about.

When this happens, I shake my head. This is not representing the best interests of that Buyer very well.

Certainly, a wee bit of “Humanizing” might go a long way . . . Just a few minutes on the phone to talk about the offer, where the Buyer is coming from, why the Buyer likes the house, and the terms that are MOST important to the Buyer.

Go ahead and call me old fashioned, but i liked the “Old School Way” better – When we REALTORS actually got to MEET and NEGOTIATE.

Seems many folks’ style of negotiation has been relegated to expertise on managing Electronic signature software and communicating by text while driving or showing property or eating dinner.

I have no inclination to go backwards with the technology available because I USE most ALL of it myself.

My only hope (and the point of this post) is that more professionals will make an effort to RE-Humanize this process of negotiating a real estate transaction.

Simple things like:

  • Calling the other agent prior to writing an offer just to touch base
  • Making an attempt to deliver the 1st offer in person
  • Leveraging multiple forms of communication to increase effectiveness (Email the offer – then call and leave Voice Mail – then text “Just emailed you an offer on 123 Main St – Looking forward to working with you.”)
  • Not assuming everyone knows how to use your electronic signature software – Use PDF instead of more exotic formats.

S L O W  D O W N !

Take the time to give FULL attention to NOW!

Do whatever it takes to communicate effectively, and the happier EVERYONE will be.

There now . . .

We very well may have just cracked the code to accomplishing . . . World Peace!



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