By the time the Police arrive, it’ll be too late

When it comes to personal safety, only YOU can protect yourself.

I know that’s an alarming proclamation.

After all, we are all relatively comfortable that we are safe as we live, work, and play in our familiar routines.

Surely, no criminal would attack us in a “Public” place in broad daylight, right?

Most of us don’t think about these things . . . We SHOULD!

I attended a 2 hour session about Personal Self Defense offered by Lee Barroll with SWBC Mortgage (Lunch & Learn).

The Presenter was Pat Thurmond, Ph.D. President/Owner of

As a Veteran, I have always considered myself to more “vigilant” and prepared for criminal encounters than most people.

After hearing Pat Thurmond, I realized that my preparedness was only scratching the surface.

The good news is that every one of us can dramatically increase our personal safety simply by changing our own behavior.

Below is my list of take-a-ways from this session – From memory . . . There were MANY more

  • OODA – Observe – Orient – Decide – ACT
  • ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings, so you can observe suspicious people/circumstances.
  • The MINIMUM safe distance we should maintain between us and any suspicious person is 21 feet
  • Even at 21 feet, that attacker would be ON you in less than 1.5 seconds
  • Upon sensing or observing trouble, ORIENT yourself to your surroundings so you can assess the threat
  • DECIDE – Is it a REAL threat?
  • Err on the side of caution . . . If you sense it’s danger, TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!
  • While doing that, take evasive steps – moving away – RUN if necessary
  • If you’re cornered or caught, FIGHT! Most attackers will not stick around for a fight . . . If you don’t fight, they’ll have their way with you
  • Be appropriately “Armed” – Pepper Spray – Taser – Personal alarm – Handheld blunt objects – Be sure they are within reach and that you know how to use them.
  • When you get in your car, LOCK THE DOORS . . . ALWAYS . . . before doing anything else. Most car-jackings happen when people get in their cars and spend time situating themselves or checking cell phone etc.
  • At home . . . Suspicious person knocks on door – Don’t hide and don’t be quiet – Behind the locked door – LOUD VOICE! “WHO ARE YOU?”
  • Eye Peep Holes in ALL exterior doors AND in door from garage to the house
  • Set up a “Safe Room” in case you need to retreat – Equip it with defensive weapons, 911 cell phone, and flash light – One point of entry (door) and one escape hatch (Exterior window)

There was SO much more.

If you have any influence over training in your organization, I highly recommend you connect with Pat Thurmond to speak to your Team.

The MOST important thing . . . Don’t assume you’re safe!

and don’t think the Police can (or should be able to) save you in the event of an attack . . . You MUST be prepared to defend yourself and not be a soft target for hungry criminals.

I said more about this in today’s Drive Time Video

Thank you Pat Thurmond!

You’re saving lives!

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