BUY NOW . . . or else

Pretty much EVERY time I’m considering buying something . . .

The Salesperson tells me that If I buy NOW, I’ll get “premium pricing” – or “There’s going to be a price increase on Tuesday” – or “at the rate these things are selling, we’re going to be out of them by the end of the day,” so you’d better buy NOW, or you’re gonna miss the boat.

What they’re trying to do is increase your motivation and translate it to a feeling of URGENCY.

Guess what! This works on a LOT of people, or they wouldn’t do it, right?

I’ve become somewhat numb to this tactic becauseĀ even when I’m already sold but not ready to pull the trigger, this pressure to BUY NOW shows up unnecessarily.

My visceral reaction to this is along the lines of “Running the Red flag up the pole” . . . Gives me pause as I wonder why they feel the need to rush an already willing new customer into making the decision to “close.”

The real question is: “Who benefits by my buying NOW VS later?”

Will the customer benefit by buying NOW, or the Salesperson?

Is this about the Salesperson meeting her quota for the month? Is it “all about the money” and her desire to win the monthly sales contest and earn the little bronze placard that will hang for eternity in the “hall of fame?”

Or . . . is she really doing me a favor?

One thing I know for sure . . . there will be another “Sales contest” and quota next month and other incentives to coax new prospects to commit NOW rather than later.

through the years, they’ve trained me well . . . I know to call @ the 23rd of the month, si I can learn the sweet deal with ample time (6-7 days) to assess and compare to the competition before making a decision.

My first call is usually to the competition who I will ask how their product compares and why I should do business with them . . .

Here’s an interesting by-product observation . . . the BEST companies with the BEST products seem to be the ones who DON’T offer “Buy NOW” pricing pressure. Their price is their price unapologetically and

If you’re on the salesperson side of this equation, take note!

Do you have a bad case of halitosis (Commission Breath)?

Your attempts to “create urgency” may be working against you.

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