BREAKING NEWS! New Habits Yield Stratospheric Business Success in 90 Days or less

Every day is a great opportunity to step up our game.
Maybe it’s time for some new (better) habits?
I often hear the question: “What can I do NOW to improve my business?”
Interestingly, it always boils down to a mantra of the same 2 habits and 1 project which I’ve been “preaching” for years.
  1. Weekly accountability conversations with someone (ANYONE) who will be reliable.
  2. Lead Generate EVERY working day for 2 hours
 . . . and 1 “Project” that has 4 steps (a la Gary Keller)
  1. Build a Database
  2. Feed it EVERY DAY
  3. Communicate with the people in your database in a systematic way
  4. Serve the leads that come impeccably
The Life Rhythm Workshop incorporates these habits into a way of living and working . . . One that fosters an amazingly productive environment that results in an  organic flow of “right clients” into your business.
I know you have attended seminars and webinars and classes and Mastermind sessions ad infinitum, all of which promised to change your life for the better . . . and I wonder how many of these “Investments” of Time, Energy, & Money have borne the fruit you hoped to bear . . . ?
Well . . . It just so happens that Pareto Realty is moving to a new office space that has a fantastic “Gathering Room” that’s large enough for some real “training and Masterminding” with groups as large as 30 . . . and we’ll be settled into that new space just in time for us to host our next iteration of the Life Rhythm Workshop as a way for participants to be equipped, ready, and committed to cranking up the volume in 2019 in terms of personal and professional effectiveness and flow.
This time, I’m going to do it a little differently . . . adding a built-in component of accountability.
So . . . If you register, we will all hold each other accountable throughout the course and beyond.
It’ll be 5 consecutive weeks beginning October 18 and ending November 15 – Noon-2:00
Will you join us and set yourself up for the best throughout 2019?
Let’s do this!

Published by Barry Owen

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