Bluffing isn’t a great long long term strategy

So . . . There are people “out there” who are full of great ideas and aspirations.

They’re always excited about a new and exciting widget . . .

and we all know the’re professional bluffers . . .

yet we “tolerate” the games because these are fun people to be around.

The challenge comes when the bluffing comes too close to the line . . . that line at which YOU might be implicated in some wild and crazy scheme.

So this begs the question.

At what point do you call the bluff?

I’m guessing most people call the bluff when they reach the end of their rope of patience . . . but only if there’s a very compelling reason for keeping that person in their life (Like a close relative).

My point?

Don’t “tolerate” this so long that you get yourself in trouble. The news has myriad stories of folks who “didn’t see it coming” when the bluffer gets caught in the net of reality.

Authenticity goes beyond who you are . . . it also includes those folks with whom you associate.

“Birds of a feather flock together”

If you really want to know who you are (publicly), just take a close look at the 5 people who are closest to you.

We don’t get to establish our true niche until we not only know who we are and what we stand for . . . but also when we practice self-preservation through our choices of relationships.

I’m betting there are a few high profile people who would benefit from reading this post 🙂

Just some rambling thoughts on a day when I have had the privilege of seeing some people shine in their glory . . . while some others are in constant struggle.

Beware the bluffers . . . They burn ya . . .


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