Blueberries for Breakfast?

Seth Godin wrote a blog post today Blueberry Pancakes and Battleships . . .

which goes well with the blog post I wrote yesterday Creating Space for Organizational Growth

A few quotes from Seth’s post:

  • “One more thing about the people on the battleship: just about everyone has a punchlist.
  • (The Battleship) is designed to survive with people who are merely good at what they do.
  • The Professional Service firm is all about blueberries working in parallel. Each blueberry can work independently, and sometimes they even work on projects that might have conflicting outcomes or views of the world. I don’t care how many people report to you. I care about how connected and how brave you are.
  • As the firm gets bigger, it doesn’t get thicker. You don’t make a better pancake by making a thicker one. You make a better pancake by hiring ever better blueberries.
  • “It’s hard to measure blueberries, but a talented and motivated one can also change the world.”
  • The goal is . . . to go wide and stay interesting.
  • Your pancake, on the other hand, gives up swing weight and firepower and instead gets flexibility and the possibility of non-fatal failure (and game-changing magic).
  • Both work. The problem kicks in when a successful pancake thinks its future is in the battleship business. Or when battleships are asked to dance.

By all means read Seth’s entire text at the link above.

there are components of EVERY business/organization that work better in the Battleship mentality . . . these are the components that can be done through leverage of People, Systems, and tools . . . and for ANY organization to “scale,” these “automations and punchlists” become necessary so as to Open the Space for the blueberries to exercise their power of independent thought and action.

Pareto is a blueberry pancake . . .


It IS!

When I say  we are “The Vital Few” or “We are Niche Specialists,” what I’m really saying is:

“We are blueberries in the pancake of the Middle Tennessee Real Estate market.


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