Big Hat – No Cattle!

Here in Music City, we see LOTS of tourists.

We love them all and always invite them back (Bless their Hearts).

Many of them look like they’re straight off the ranch wearing BIG hats and fancy boots (with spurs).

I hazard a guess that (at best) one out of every 100 of those hats are on the head of a true Rancher (who actually has cattle).

They look like Ranchers, talk like ranchers, Walk like Ranchers, and might even claim to be Ranchers . . .

These are “Big Hat – No Cattle” cowboys.

There’s another kind of “Big Hat – no cattle” that comes to mind.

Who do you know who seems to know EVERYTHING but never seems to transact much business?

These folks take ALL of the classes and seminars. They work long hours developing fancy checklists and spreadsheets and powerpoint presentation and do unbelievable Market analysis . . . all of which bedazzles anyone and everyone who sees them in action . . . yet they seldom SCORE.

I watch a LOT of soccer (2 very talented daughters), and I see lots of “Big Hat – No Cattle” soccer players and teams. The players have unbelievable footwork and ball handling skills, and the coaches have schooled them on meticulous execution of a whole passel of fancy plays . . . yet they seldom SCORE.

I have a theory . . . those who SCORE are authentically motivated.

You can’t fake this!

they have true passion for the game and don’t care much about what other people think of them.

These folks have figured out what works for them and they spend hours and hours of practice on mastering their way.

They seldom boast or brag about their level of success.

In fact in a gaggle of people talking about their profession, they may not even contribute even as they hear the know-it-alls spewing shallow rhetoric.

Their Big hat serves a REAL purpose (To shield them from the sun and provide an impromptu sink for shaving water in the field) and their life revolves around caring for their cattle.

They DO!


Are you scoring enough?

If not, how will you shift your time, energy, talent, and money into a higher scoring modus operandi?

Published by Barry Owen

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