Beyond the warranty

Most everything we buy has a warranty.

In my experience, the design of most warranties is to protect the warrantor from the warrantee in the event of failure of the product.

AND said warrantors seems to have figured out how to engineer the product such that it WILL fail . . . a few days beyond the expiration of said warranty.

Additionally, the warranty is likely riddled with fancy clauses that exclude coverage for myriad reasons.

So . . . the thing breaks and the Purchaser brings it back to the retailer who redirects her to the 800 # of the manufacturer who (after a multi-hour investment of time on the phone doing “trouble-shooting”) will likely require the purchaser to box the thing up in its “original packaging” (who keeps THAT?) and ship it back to them, and will return ship a new unit which may or may not work but will, of course, have a warranty.

We REALTORS don’t warrant the houses we sell. We CAN offer a referral to a “Home Warranty Company” which will, at a cost of $400-$600, warrant the “major systems” of the house for 12-13 months after purchase with option to renew at the end.

Many of THESE warranties have their own embedded trickeries . . . Some significant issues may not be covered because they were “pre-existing” . . . or incorrectly installed or maintained by the prior owners.

“Premium Coverage” at higher cost may “band aid” some of these trickeries, but the BEST scenario is to purchase the warranty from a company that has a LOCAL representative . . . someone to call when the company starts with the game-playing of denying coverage.

These local reps can often pull off miracles that transcend the warranty.

So . . . With all of the choices consumers have, doesn’t it make sense that we smart buyers would buy more of our stuff knowing we have local support that will shield us from the mayhem of having to call “Customer Support?”

Target has a 30 day warranty on everything they sell. If it breaks within 30 days of purchase, they’ll take it back with no questions asked rather than send ya through the manufacturer gauntlet.

The guy who installed our AT&T service gave me his personal cell number and told me our house is in his area, so we can call HIM instead of Customer service with any problems.


When things go wrong in houses people have bought, the buyers’ first call is often their REALTOR because we REALTORS have a vast array of contacts and vendors and make reliable referrals for virtually anything that could possibly go wrong in your house.

So . . . my lesson of the day . . . When you buy ANYTHING, buy the one that offers a level of service BEYOND the warranty . . . That is . . . Buy from a LOCAL human.

Oh and for goodness sake, don’t EVER buy a house without the representation of a REALTOR.

The Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty stand poised and ready to serve your family with the purchase or sale of your home in Middle Tennessee AND can refer equally great agents anywhere in North America you want to buy or sell a house.

Beyond the warranty . . .

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