Better Living with Power Tools

In May of 2016 I bought a small (21 acre) farm.

For many years, this property had been well maintained by long-time owners but was relatively neglected for the past several (8) years, so I had a LOT of work to do.

The grass was literally waist high, and there was evidence of lots of debris all over the property.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that the secret to getting things done efficiently is having the right tools, so I spent some time figuring out what tools I would need,

2016-05-15-10-21-37The first order of business would need to be cutting the grass . . . and with the hilly terrain, I knew I would need a TOUGH and reliable Lawn Tractor, so I headed to the local John Deere Dealer  where Kip Smith helped me select the perfect model for my needs.

Another lesson in life . . . Before buying the tools you need, seek the advice of and buy from a LOCAL expert.

While cutting the waist high grass, I began running into myriad unexpected obstacles – Concrete blocks, bird baths, yard ornaments, tree stumps, old burn piles, debris piles. It quickly became apparent that I would need to comb the property for obstacles before I would be able to mow it without destroying the mower blades. I would need 2 more pieces of equipment – a self-propelled push lawn mower and a trimmer (Weed Eater) . . . So I headed over to visit the local Lawn Mower Experts at Nashville Lawn Equipment who set me up with some awesome Husqvarna equipment.

and . . .

Of course . . . What good’s a Farmer without a TRUCK?

2016-08-04-15-55-05The 4X4 Experts at Ford Lincoln of Franklin set me up with the perfect F150 SuperCrew 4X4 work truck (that can also tow my future boat :-))

and B.J’s Trailers hooked me up with the right utility trailer to haul all of this debris away.


Each and every weekend through the summer, I have single handedly “worked this land” with all of these great tools. I am tickled pink to report that I have more than doubled the fields by reclaiming from the tree line, and I have discovered and preserved many of the cool features that had been installed by the previous owner.

I have learned the best way of getting the most out every tool . . . a system for each task which increases efficiency e.g. using the push mower across the grade of the hill instead of up/down . . . and “burn brush in place” rather than moving it to one central pile.

20161010_174412My most recent “GREAT FIND” was just yesterday when I and my trimmer decided to tackle what I thought to be not much more than a dirt path from the lower driveway to the house . . . Check out this fabulous staircase I discovered under all those weeds.

When I posted this picture on Facebook, my friend Ernest commented: “You are walking proof of “Better Living with Power Tools.”

I take that as an ultimate compliment.

Of course, I would never tell such a story without connecting the message to a deeper purpose.

In everything we do, our efficiency is vastly improved through the “use” of the advice and knowledge of local experts to acquire the right tools for the job and creating systems around how we do it.

In this DYI world in which we live, it serves all of well to think before we tackle a new effort.

Rely on expert advice and counsel and be intentional about what we do and how we do it

In ALL things personal and professional.

Do this, and I promise you will get further faster with better results most of the time 🙂

Try this,and please report back to us and let us know how you do.

Oh yeah! Success doesn’t come without consistent and persistent WORK . . . even with the best People, Systems, and tools  to leverage.

20161010_173941Here’s a shot of my lower field as Fall begins to happen.

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