Begin with one thing

Tis the season to be overwhelmed (maybe)!

Can you think of at least 20 things you “need” to get done before Christmas morning?

How will you get it all done?

One thing is certain, you WILL get everything done that is important to you . . . which indubitably means that some of those 20 things won’t get done at all (by you).

This is not very different than the veritable mountain of business todos that are awaiting your attention when you return to the office after the holiday.

When in overwhelm, we are egregiously inefficient because a good, solid case of overwhelm carries with it plenty of worry, despair, depression, panic as we consider the possible ramifications of NOT getting it all done.

All of this creates productivity gridlock.





What will “they” do to you?

Will “they” ridicule you or chastise you or think less of you?

I think not!

After all . . . “They” don’t know what’s on your list, so how would they ever know if you failed to get it all done (unless you fess up to it)?

What I know is that “they” will be impressed and appreciative of all that you DO get done.

Quit being so damned hard on yourself!

This is YOUR holiday also, right?

You deserve sanity and dignity (God given rights), so claim them.

Stop fretting and make fun!

Begin with one thing –

Get it DONE!

Then do the next thing and so on and so on til you’ve climbed yourself out of that overwhelm chasm.

Merry Christmas!


Published by Barry Owen

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