Before you throw the switch . . .


I just completed redesign of the Pareto Realty website and am close to being ready to LAUNCH it for everyone in the world (who wants) to see it.

I’m SO close that I got a little carried away this morning and called the site developer and said:

“Let’s go LIVE!”

So she did as instructed and pushed it live.

There it was in all it’s brand, spankin’ new magnificence . . . Life was GREAT!

until . . . I decided to write a blog post (here) and keyed in the URL for my log-in to my wordpress site and received a “Site not found” message.

hmmmm . . .

Then I decided to check out my blog roll . . . “Site not Found”

Then I checked a blog link from my Facebook page . . . “Site not Found”


I had thrown the switch before thinking through the fact that the URL I pointed to the new website is the very same URL that’s the domain for the blogsite.

Stupid is as Stupid does . . .

That’s when the dancing scramble commenced to unravel this bowl of spaghetti I had created.

Repointed everything back to where it was before . . . and bought a new (BETTER) URL for the office website . . .

and waited . . . an excruciating hour, 13 minutes, and 42 seconds, and


The Blog site returned in all of it’s original luster . . . and the new office site is now showing up as it should under the new URL (Which I’ll release as soon as we have tested the site . . . NEXT Tuesday 5/14).

Don’t EVER do this to yourself.

Don’t get so excited you throw one of those switches without a nice, long pause to consider the ramifications.

I think my near-cardiac-failure is now calmed down to a simple rapid heart-beat, so I’ll return to testing the links on the new site.

SO glad to have my blogsite back 🙂

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