Becoming the “Expert”

“Experts” are considered to be quintessentially knowledgable, highly specialized people on whom the rest of us mere mortals rely for their sage advice and wisdom when faced with an unexplainable anomaly relating to their area of expertise. 

Experts tend to find some level of fame as their commentary generally has an uncanny accuracy as they explain their opinion as to why things have happened as they have.

Even more impressive are the amazingly high percentage of the time experts can “predict future happenings”.

They don’t always hit the nail on the head, but they do have a higher percentage of accuracy than most.

A (sometimes more subtle than others) goal of most people is to be an expert . . . at SOMETHING. The challenge often is figuring out how to be that expert and somehow tie it into making money so as to be able to put food on the table and keep the roof over the head.

The “SOMETHING” is that for which you individually have PASSION . . . It’s where your heart is . . . It’s your PURPOSE . . . and to deny it by relegating it to “2nd fiddle” for the sake of “making a living” is the tragic barrier that often keeps folks from attaining “Expert” status.

This turns some conventional notions of society on their ear. What would the world be like if more people pledged allegiance to their hearts (rather than their wallets)?

So . . .

If you’re one of those people out there who “wants to have your cake AND be able to eat it too” (Make a living by specializing in something for which you have pure unadulterated PASSION), I offer the following observations.

  1. Experts are often considered to be nerds – Get OK with that before you commit yourself.
  2. Experts are OBSESSED with their Specialty . . . and may even be thought of as being obsessive compulsive as if “THAT’S ALL SHE THINKS AND TALKS ABOUT!”
  3. Experts literally immerse themselves in their fields of expertise . . . It becomes a huge part of their identity personally and professionally.
  4. Experts got to experts because they know that the smoothest way to become an expert is to find and hang out with other experts in their specialized field.
  5. Experts know that they got “there” to be known as the local expert only through consistent and intentional PRACTICE over time . . . There were no magic pills, get rich quickly schemes, or overnight revelations.
  6. Experts let it all hang out . . . they talk about what they are doing to EVERYONE . . . They blog about it, they talk about it at parties, they talk about it at their kid’s soccer games . . . not for the purpose of selling or proselytizing, but because they are EXCITED and literally OOZING with joy as they learn more.
  7. Experts “become known” as Experts . . . it’s not good enough simply to “proclaim yourself” as an expert; you’ve gotta earn your wings and the right to be known as the expert. Other people decide if you’re an expert based on their observations of your knowledge and commitment to your specialty.
  8. Authentic experts are infinity “quotable” and virally become cited as sources of information in every day conversation in people of the community.
  9. “outsiders” first seek the LOCAL expert’s opinions when they are considering moving in . . .
  10. People can smell a “fake expert” from a mile away. Get caught faking it, and your reputation will follow you for years . . . It’s NOT worth it

Are you an Expert?

Would you like to be known as an “Expert”?

Where’s your water, your passion?

Go do THAT and ONLY THAT . . . Your excitement and momentum will build . . . and the money you need will come in time.

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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