Be careful what you wish for

When you make BIG FAT AUDACIOUS goals, some really cool (but VERY scary) things start happening.
The excitement builds with signs of SO much tremendous potential for EVERYONE (Just oozing with enthusiasm and anticipation).
It’s almost as if the Universe is conspiring to force things.
Try as you might, you may not be able to slow down or stop the momentum as you feel like you’re reeling out of control into the unknown.
It’s times like these when you’ve gotta let go of the fear and embrace whatever the change is that’s happening.
Not long ago, I decided that 2016 would have to be THE year to be the change for which I’ve been preparing the past 53 years . . . and I think I’m onto something BECAUSE:
My colleague and friend Sher Powers added me to a significant Facebook group yesterday because she wanted me to share information about “Lunch & Learns” I have offered through the years for Local REALTORS and Professionals.
– such a great Honor. I know Sher to be on a continuous path of learning and have great respect for her and her service to our community (Both REALTOR and Neighborhood).
This sorta creeps me out because when When I considered my goals for 2016, they boiled down to “Finishing what I started in 2015” . . . and high on that list is following my passion of helping other people and organizations succeed. Thus far, my “stage” has been relatively small in large part due to my not “taking the show on the road” and failing to seek formal accreditation as a Speaker/Teacher/Mentor.
My primary public voice has been my blogsite and my Facebook presence.
My “Laboratory” is my niche Real Estate Firm Http://
So . . . For me . . . Sher’s introduction of me to this Group is uncanny and fortuitous because it gives me yet another nudge to “GO FOR IT” this year. I had already committed to myself that I would attend more conferences . . . and to gain “Speaking/teaching credentials” at the Local and State levels, and so I feel much gratitude for this huge favor from Sher.
This week, I am offering the first of a series of “Mastermind Lunch & Learn” sessions to local REALTORS and Professionals/Business owners (click link below for details).These sessions derive from a “Way of life” I call “Life rhythm” which I have discovered and cultivated from my 53 years of experience here on the planet. It’s a collage of philosophies – The Pareto 80/20 Principle, Open Space technology, the Fourfold Way, Seth Godin, Steven covey, Gary Keller, and many others.
I practice all of these principles and find that I can consistently accomplish more with less effort when I’m “on my Life rhythm game”
I aspire to help more people and organizations work less and earn more (fulfillment) in 2016, so I look forward to meeting lots of y’all whenever the time and place provides.
So . . . How ’bout you?
Will you speak your REAL goals out loud and then let go of any need you may have to sabotage them?
I know this is scary stuff . . . But it’s worth it.
Enjoy the ride!
Thank you Sher . . . Happy valentines Day to all.

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