Back Yard Bliss without breaking the bank

Since buying our house 4 years ago, Debbie and I have been in the mood to create the perfect “Back Yard Bliss”

This “Bliss” is all about enjoying entertaining in our back yard in relative privacy.

Most rational folks would first ask us why it’s taken FOUR years to move from being “in the mood” to taking action?

The answer is easier than one might think . . . It’s been about time & energy, and money.

Time & Energy – We know we could do this ourselves simply by spending a few hours every week working the earth and installing DIY hardscape we could purchase from the local big-box “Home Improvement” store. The problem is . . . after shuttling our kids to and from School, Sports, and social activities and helping them with their homework and doing all of the day-to-day matters associated with “Managing” the household (Cleaning, Groceries, Fixing things that break, & etc), there’s not much (if any) time & energy remaining for home improvement projects (Like creating our desired “Back Yard Bliss”)

Money – We know we could hire a professional “Back Yard Bliss” installation expert (Landscape Contractor), and POOF – There it would be in all it’s glory just outside the back door . . . But we’ve studied that option and determined that route would cost a LOT of money, and we’re not feeling quite that “wealthy”

Of course, there is another option . . . We could buy a house that already HAS the “Back Yard Bliss” we desire . . . but that would require MOVING . . . AGAIN!

We’ve taken this thing full circle several times and are deciding to do it ourselves over time. That’s certainly the most rational and economical solution and was validated last night as we enjoyed the cool, Summer Evening around the fire pit with all the fixins for SMORES.

We feel like we’re on the right path 🙂

frontYesterday, I listed this cute house in Tusculum (Just South of Downtown Nashville) and am absolutely fascinated by the amount of “Back Yard Bliss” this owner was able to orchestrate on this small lot.

516 Park Court – $115,000 – 2 Bedroom & 1.5 Bathrooms

The inside of the house is spectacular in and of itself. This owner maintained it and improved it as she enjoyed it in the past 6 years. Roof, Heat and Air System, Appliances. additional insulation, fencing . . .

It’s one of those houses that a Buyer can move into without having to do any work whatsoever.

What fascinated me most was what I discovered beyond the back door.

This is just the coolest Covered/Screened in porch I’ve seen in ages.


She even had the foresight to install custom awnings for complete privacy.

Little did I know – That was only the beginning . . .

I then noticed that the back yard was fully fenced (To keep pets and small children IN and unwanted animals and people OUT.

There’s enough grass for playing or gardening, and paver patio for relaxing.

Trees offer natural screening for more privacy

YardTHEN . . . I discovered a DECK adjoining the Screened porch and accessible from the Master Bedroom.

So . . . as much as I LOVE everything this cute house has to offer on the side, I’ve decided my favorite “Room” of the house is the Back Yard . . .

As I was driving away from the appointment . . . THIS is “Back Yard Bliss” as it should be.

@ $115,000 in a great location next to:

William A Pitts Park

Of course, this house (and blissful back yard) could be YOURS . . . Just connect with me.


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