Back to the basics . . .

Businesses WIN on the “Fundamentals”

My friend Joe Calloway is a brilliant Author and Speaker who has helped MANY organizations improve themselves.

What I like most about Joe’s work (Message) is all that it’s not . . . a complex algorithm . . . or a bunch of hype . . . or even rocket science.

Joe asks organizations to stop making things so difficult for themselves.

Return to the Basics.

Focus more on what matters and less on what doesn’t.

Know your strengths and build on THOSE.

Joe’s message is easy to “get” and even easier to implement but only if you’re willing to S L O W D O W N enough to stop your madness and REMEMBER!

Remember the fundamentals.

What are the day-to-day things your business does WELL?

What I’ve written above doesn’t “justify” Joe’s work – For the rest of the story, you’re gonna have to buy his books 🙂

For the past several years, i have offered FREE Mastermind sessions each week for local REALTORS and other independent business owners.

These are “Participative gatherings” during which everyone who comes has voice.

I generally choose a “Theme” on the week of the session and invite anyone and everyone who wants to come.

Last week, I decided to “listen” to Joe . . . so we’re going to do a whole series of “The Basics” . . . and YOU are invited:

Friday May 16 @ 10-11:30 . . . We’re tackling the “Buyer Consultation”

If you’re feeling REALLY ready to “Work on Yourself,” how ’bout committing to the next “Life Rhythm Workshop” starting TOMORROW 5/14/14?

We cover the gambit with 6 weekly, two hour sessions – beginning with some real introspection followed by some clarifying of personal and business GOALS . . .

then working on some REAL strategy to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE (for the better).

The cost for the whole series is $125 . . . Connect with me to confirm your attendance

It’s all about improving your personal and professional performance.

Are you IN?


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