Baby Boomer Marketing – Reverse Mortgages – YOU are invited!





YOU are invited to a VERY important conversation

Unlocking the potential of working with Baby Boomers

  • Wednesday May 2, 2012
  • 10 AM
  • Freeman Webb Mortgage – 3810 Bedford Ave., Suite 300
  • FREE Lunch Provided by Cathy Cowan and Phillip Fenton
  • Please RSVP by return email (Limited Seating)

Without question, we REALTORS (and most other professionals on the planet) are facing challenges in our business that separate the Pros from the quitters.

As the economy has done its little (BIG) dance of sliding down the slippery slope of recession . . . and the Federal Government has tried every trick in the book to establish some semblance of “Stability” (albeit contrived and artificial) . . . WE are ever diligent in our resilience . . . as chameleons . . . shifting our strategies and business practices so as to survive – and even THRIVE in the face of this uncertainty.

A BIG piece of survival in this economy is UNDERSTANDING!

For complete understanding, there must be TRUTH-TELLING even when the news isn’t good.

The days of putting a “Positive Spin” on the negative news and plowing forward in denial are over . . . We’ve gotta pony up and face this beast and get back to the business of becoming the “Local Economists” . . . and THE Source for ALL THINGS REAL ESTATE!

For sure – The main stream Marketers “Get” the power of the Baby Boomer generation . . . That’s where HUGE marketing dollars are flowing every minute of every day.

How can We REALTORS tap into this goldmine of business potential?

We’ll explore issues and opportunities relating to attracting and working with Baby Boomer Home Buyers and Sellers from 10-11

@ 11, Lunch will show up and Cathy Cowan & Phillip Fenton will offer a presentation Reverse Mortgage Purchases.  This is going to be a product that REALTORS will see more & more of as it will be targeting the baby boomers & the many people who are retiring, downsizing, etc.

An unexpected additional bonus is their building—it is a Gold Leed Certified Building & has won national & international awards.  It is complete with a garden on the roof!

Looking forward to some Spirited dialog on Wednesday . . . nd cannot wait to learn more about Reverse mortgages 🙂

Cathy Cowan can be reached at Freeman Webb Mortgage 615-271-2718

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