Awaken the Columbus Within – Monday Morning Coffee

What will you Discover Today?

or . . . WHO will you discover Today?

We all know what happened in 1492 – Christopher Columbus had sailed the Ocean Blue and set foot on the New World October 12.

Thanks to Chris’s bravery and success, we celebrate Columbus Day.

Some folks would say that others had already discovered this new world . . . and if good ole Chris hadn’t succeeded, someone else would have.

Chris gets the credit because Chris accepted the challenge, succeeded, and CLAIMED the discovery.

Can you imagine the bravery that trek required of Columbus and his crew?

After all . . . They could very well have fallen off the edge of the earth resulting in certain death.

Every day, we each encounter new and interesting opportunities to stretch our life experiences beyond the mundane, and we get to choose whether or not we embark.

Throughout History, there are several references to very smart people saying that everything that could be invented has been . . . and that there are no more discoveries to be made . . . even as bold, intrepid explorers are striking out into the unknown with reckless abandon.

So . . . For me, Columbus Day is a yearly reminder to stretch my life experience each and every day.

I invite you do the same.

Launch that new project you’ve been contemplating!

Schedule that trip you’ve always wanted to do . . .

Let your hair down and do something that’s “not like you!”

But first . . . Watch the video at the link below.

This is a Father who is talking to his daughters (in Rap) to neutralize any and all effects upon them by BULLIES in school.

I watched this 3 times consecutively and realized how universal his message is . . . and how much of a difference it make in the lives of EVERYONE . . . Including YOU!

Because . . . “You’re beautiful – you’re priceless – you’re worthy”

In 1993, I struck out into the great unknown new career of Residential Real Estate sales and have discovered that I tend to “Reinvent” myself about every 3 years.

All of that has evolved to what I think to be a fabulous Real Estate Firm Pareto Realty ¬†and am loving the “every day is different” aspect of this business.

Our most recent adventure is our BIG MOVE to an awesome new office space in the Heart of Green Hills.

We’ve claimed it and are busy making it our new home.

Meanwhile, the Vital Few Agents are busily doing what they do best . . . Helping Home Buyers and Sellers discover and claim their next homes.

Isn’t this discovery thing EXCITING and FUN?

Hope you have a great week!

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