As Thunderstorms go . . .

The thunderstorm that rolled over my house last night was spectacular.

Both dogs fled from their normal sleeping places in the Living Room seeking comfort from their humans.

The thunder THUNDERED and the lightning created a bedazzling light show.

God pulled off a production of epic proportions.

We did need the rain after a week of 100 degree temperatures.

I didn’t hear them, but I’m sure the Meteorologists were reporting feverishly about the movement of the storm and and the imminent DANGER that we citizens were facing.

The venerable Dan Miller (RIP) said of these Meteorologists @ 15 years years ago: “Why can’t we just enjoy a good thunderstorm once in a while without all the hype and grandstanding?”

I’ll never forget that!

Yes! If there is real danger, please let us know, so we can take appropriate cover, but please stop blowing it out of proportion such that our children never get to see and enjoy the show that Mother Nature puts on for us once in a while.

We’ve become a “Hover” society . . . scrutinizing everything all the time in our unending quest of keeping all of us safe and sound as if the only acceptable ending is Utopian.

How boring is that?

Where’s the spice?

How do we go to the edge if there isn’t one?

How much more do we learn from real life sensory experience?

Of course, I feel compelled to tie this into our actions and behavior in our business/professional lives?

To what extent do we act as meteorologists as we guide our clients through our process?

Do we sometimes blow things out of proportion?


Do those who do this think they’re serving their clients better by creating mountains out of mole hills during an inspection resolution?

Is this a “Lone Ranger Psychological Present day need” to be the Knight in shining armor . . . and we cannot be that savior unless we are able to escalate the drama to “the sky is falling” proportions?

Is this about us (ego) . . . or the client?

In the end, isn’t the best service we can do for our client is to deliver what we promised we would do for them? For me (REALTOR), this means completing the sale or purchase of a home with smoothness.

By all means, we must do whatever is necessary to keep our clients safe during the transaction, but not to the degree that we’re relegating them to being mushrooms (sticking them in a dark protective bunker and feeding them shit) just as the Meteorologists command us to head to our “safe places” such that we miss the fireworks.

With this level of insulation from reality, we dis-serve our clients by denying them the knowing of the process . . . unknowing breeds fear . . . and when things go wonky, confused anger rages.

So my plea to all the hoverers out there . . . Lighten up a bit, and let’s CLOSE DEALS without all the unnecessary drama.

pssst . . . This post comes after a day (yesterday) during which I witnessed no fewer than 5 real Estate transactions FAIL . . . and I noticed that EVERY one of them failed unnecessarily . . . In all 5 of them, their fear grew out of hyped drama by the very professionals who they had hired to guide them safely thought the transaction to the successful closing of the house they loved when they first saw it.


Quit being a meteorologist and serve and protect your clients appropriately

(hops off his soap box)


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