Are your 2019 Goals still relevant?

For many folks, May is about that time of year when folks start realizing they’ve fallen off the wagon of diligently pursuing their goals for the year. We don’t do this intentionally. It happens naturally as we gravitate towards that comfort zone where life is a bit less dynamic. It’s nice to be “familiar territory.”

Next thing ya know, you’re having the same 2019 as was 2018 – and 2017 – and 2016

Is it time to adjust and renew our vows/commitments in 2019?
Can you believe it?
We’re 1/3 the way through 2019 already!
Where are you with respect to your goals for the year?
Do you see need for adjustment of your priorities?
What are you doing now that isn’t providing the benefit you thought you’d get from it?
If you’re disappointed, what happened?
Have you (honestly) given it your ALL?
Most folks who don’t achieve their goals blame the goal and/or process . . . when the reality is usually lack of consistent effort and focus.
Those folks who trust the process and simply DO go further faster – Just ask the hare!
Unless, of course, it’s time for a change – a shift – new goals.
If that’s the case for you, now is a great time to shift your mindset to permission based goal setting. We are all in a world full of opportunity, and it’s up to us to claim our individual fair share of the unlimited abundance available.

Trust the process of setting goals and achieving them.

Trust the people who help you by supporting your efforts and holding you accountable.


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