Are you taking enough Risk to MATTER?


Starbucks’ good intentions have been derailed by inappropriate action.

Starbucks will stop writing ‘Race Together’ on your cups now

The most intriguing things I’ve heard about this PR fiasco is their dismissal of the whole thing simply by quipping “let me assure you that we didn’t expect universal praise” . . .

Followed by: “A Starbucks spokesperson said the Race Together inscriptions were not canceled but instead concluded today “as originally planned.”

True or not, critics believe that wreaks of arrogance and insensitivity. The Powers that be are failing to acknowledge the possibility that they erred in judgement with the “roll-out” of this initiative.

Why not take responsibility and work to gain some of the lost confidence from their customers with a good, old fashioned: “We screwed up this one and are truly sorry!”

Regardless, they are pledging to move forward with their original plan, so we’ll get to watch this unfold.

Almost NEVER does anything of real significance happen according to the plan.

What if they’re smarter than the critics are giving them credit to be?

In this firestorm of criticism, Starbucks could very well be authentically stoic in their desire to foster constructive dialog around this issue of race inequality . . . even as it seems to be tearing apart their Brand’s validity (so claim some pundits).

Could this be akin to them modeling “the devil’s advocate?” . . . with the result of spawning significant and lasting solutions around this issue in their “more than 20,000 stores?

Like one HUGE “Conference” with 20,000 simultaneous Break-out Sessions

Could this the world’s largest Open Space Technology meeting EVER?

After all . . . they’ve invited anyone who cares to show up . . . They’ve provided ample “safe places” for folks to gather . . . and they’ve projected a compelling theme that meets ALL of the necessary preconditions for OST.

This is a REAL Issue with a REAL need for resolution YESTERDAY with a vast diversity of people who have great potential for conflict . . .


and it might work.

In our life and business, the things we do that make the biggest difference in our communities are frequently the ones with the most risk.

When we strive to stay safe above all else, things tend to stay the same, and the world passes us by.

Keep on stretching and dancing . . . I know you’ll make a HUGE difference in your community.

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