Are you holding yourself back?

“Perfectionism is a form of self abuse.”

The above is a quote from the NINJA Selling weekly email.

As often happens . . . synchronicity . . . This message is timely and relevant.

The theme for this week seems to be all about ways people in the their own way of seeking success.

The NINJA message went on to mention the importance of focus on improvement over time . . . not perfection . . . because . . . odds are not in your favor that you will achieve perfection, so that expectation will indubitably result in “Failure” – That is – abandonment of the mission due to frustration with yourself.

The trap is one of FEAR!

This is deep seeded fear of “shipping” a flawed product resulting in embarrassment in the event your “critics” identify a flaw and pass judgement on you.

The older I get, the more I realize that the most important actions are “Start” and pledge to “Finish” and commit to Focus on continual improvement. Ship when any client steps up to receive.

To some degree, I see folks exhibiting another odd phobia . . . of success.

Weird, eh?

These are the folks who worry about getting too busy thereby creating conditions that lead to “dropping balls” or less than perfect product or service delivery.

So . . . They fail to ship or stall lead generation efforts.


A better way . . . find leverage – Technology – Systems – People – to lighten the “back end” load . . . or refer the business that’s not your “sweet spot” (Niche)

Embrace growth and stop holding yourself (and your business) from realizing your full potential.

Published by Barry Owen

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