Are you Handicapping yourself?

What’s your handicap?

Is it a crutch for you?

Can you tell people that’s the reason you couldn’t do this or that?

I’m being serious here, and NO – I am NOT poking fun at people with handicaps.

What I AM doing is making the point that the detrimental effects of most handicaps are often self-imposed.

As a real estate broker, mentor, and coach, I’d like to think I’ve heard it all.

Here are some of the “handicaps” I’ve heard as reasons for being less successful selling real estate . . . I am NOT making these up.

“I’m Black!”

“I’m gay!”

“I have a birth defect.”

“I have a speech impediment!”

“I just moved into town and don’t know anyone!”

“I’m broke and don’t have enough money to pay for marketing!”

“I’m dyslexic!”

“I’m ADHD!”

“I didn’t graduate from college!”

“I have young children and cannot be available 24/7!”

“I don’t have a car!”

ALL of these are TRUE “excuses” I have heard, and guess what?

EVERY one of these people are succeeding at a high level in real estate sales but not until they BELIEVED that their “handicap” was not the obstacle they made it out to be.

Sure! Some of these are REAL LIFE afflictions, but none of them stopped any of these folks from succeeding.

I have what I consider to be a powerful script for dealing with people who are hung up on being doomed to fail because . . .

“FIRST! You’ve gotta get THAT thinking out of your head!”

If you think you are handicapped, you ARE!

I know this may be easier said than done, but it IS what must happen.

If you doubt me, your homework assignment for tonight is to watch “The Pursuit of Happiness” (a la Will Smith)

Most people ARE handicapped by “analysis paralysis” . . . so worried about all the negative repercussions of impending obstacles that they’d rather analyze things ad nauseum ¬†until the opportunity passes, so they can claim failure due to “handicap.”

I say: “HOGWASH!”

We ALL have equal access to success.

How many people have you encountered who seem to be uneducated laggards, yet they’re insanely successful?

They didn’t overcome deficiencies . . . They made the perceived deficiencies irrelevant.

So . . . You choose!

Are you still “handicapped?”

PS: I’m on a perpetual search for the right people to join the Pareto Realty team . . . and these “right people” might just be “handicapped” . . . I’m here to prove them wrong.


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