April Fools Day was no day for Fools for Nashville REALTORS

rebarcamp 75While there were ample pranks, most of the local “Top Shelf REALTORS” as well many other SUPERSTAR REALTORS from all over North America were gathering at Rocketown in Downtown Nashville for the 7th annual REBarCampNashville.com.


The weather was perfect, and all the right people showed up.

Screenshot_2016-04-01-16-10-36This year was completely paperless. There was no registration whatsoever, no name badges, no printed schedules . . . Just people with the YAPP APP on their cell phones.

The APP held the key to getting the most out of the day: the complete (and very fluid) Schedule, a map of the venue, a “Newsfeed” to which participants could post comments and photos, and “Crowdpics” for random photos.

Lunch consisted of 5 “Food Trucks” rolling in @ 11 and out @ 1.

I already had the Yapp app from the TAR conference last week, so I was tuned in early to the #REBCNASH app early and submitted a few sessions I would be willing to lead . . . and then promptly forgot what I had submitted . . . Until 10 minutes prior to the first round of sessions when an agent walked up to me and said: “So . . . I’m looking forward to attending your session this morning.” I had not noticed that I was on the schedule for the FIRST session – I had 9 minutes to prepare and would have been freaked out had I not remembered that I’m at REBarCamp where the gold is in the facilitation of a conversation with the folks who come.

My “job” was not any more complex than asking provocative questions and adding ideas for clarification along the way . . . I knew that the participants would provide the most valuable content if I would only Open the Space and become as invisible as possible all the while keeping them engaged with relevant questions or nudges.

Of course, it worked like a charm, and many folks told me how valuable that session was to them. I smiled and simply reminded them that it was the process that set the stage for the learning that just took place . . . not me . . . I was not much more than a shepherd.

The conversation was fabulous and really boiled down to the notion that the virtual is NOT going to kick the full service REALTOR to the gutter after all.

So why all this FEAR about the internet monsters who are out there sucking leads out of the system and then selling those (our) leads back to us?

Don’t full service, feet on the ground real estate sales professionals have the upper hand on market knowledge and client representation?

Of course we do . . . and the group validated that in a large way.

All it takes is a concentrated redirection of all of that fear energy into community building.

So . . . The answer was a resounding YES!

Throughout the day, there were no fewer than 5 concurrent sessions as well as myriad unscheduled small group discussions at any given time. The energy was and the sharing was rich.

April 13 is the date for my monthly Mastermind session for local REALTORS.

My hope is that several of the folks who attended REBarCamp will show up and we can spend some time spinning some AHAS from REBarCampNashville.

Join us if you happen to be in the area on the 13th.

Here’s a link to reserve your seat in the room


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