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I received word yesterday that I have been accepted into the next EO Catalyst course. Led by Michael Burcham “Nashville’s thought leader in entrepreneurship”, this course is akin to an MBA for Entrepreneurs and has a great track record for being a Catalyst for participants to take their lives and businesses to a whole new level . . . In fact, over 70% of these students will increase Gross revenues for their businesses from the minimum required (for the program) $250K/Year to above the $1M gross revenue required to become an Entrepreneur Organization member. THIS is sayin’ something. EO Nashville┬áis ranked in the top 3 of all EOs in the world.

The anticipation of receiving word of acceptance was painful enough . . . Now I’ve gotta hold my horses for another Month in anticipation of the start of this 18 month program.

I want to share how I got here . . . and a short story about EO’s unintentional test of my commitment to the program and to my own personal life priorities.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been in search of a source of wisdom to help me take my career and my Real Estate Firm Pareto Realty to the level of success I know is possible. I knew that I would need to find this in the form of “continuing education” combined with Mentoring and accountability from someone who has gone before me and is willing to share . . . AND I know that this experience would be even more rich if there were others like me traveling with me on this same journey . . . building their own businesses.

I wasn’t finding this in the real estate industry. Of course, there are myriad “coaches” and “Designations” and “Motivational Speakers” and “Sales Programs” and I studied those and have invested in a few through the years but have not found the right mix for what I knew I would need to propel me and Pareto Realty sufficiently to the TOP of our market.

When I launched Pareto Realty, I talked with a lot of people about my business model and goals for a solid 3 months before applying for the Firm License. I wanted to create a firm that meant something . . . not like any of the others . . . and I knew that if I were to create a safe space for “Vital Few” (20%ers) real estate sales professionals, we could perform as a team at an unheard of level of productivity for a Real estate Firm . . . I envisioned “Flipping the 80/20 rule” such that 80% of our agents are closing deals every month (Current statistics show that most offices have @ 20% of their agents close a house each month).

One of the people with whom I spoke was my long-time friend John Kepley who I knew had launched Teknetex his own business some years prior. John mentioned the Entrepreneur Organization a few times, and I looked into joining, but quickly learned that I could not qualify to join until my business was well under way to the tune of $1,000,000 gross revenue/year.

That was 2010 . . . Now in 2016, Pareto Realty is poised for significant growth both in Brand awareness throughout Middle TN and in volume of residential sales. We are at a “tipping point,” and I have known for the past few months that I would need some sort of catalyst to seize the moment and soar . . . Little did I know, that catalyst would be called “Catalyst” and it would be brought to my attention by John Kepley in a “PS” to an email he sent me referring a commercial agent . . . Lo and behold, John is the current President of the Nashville Chapter of EO.

There’s too much synchronicity present for me to do anything but apply for the program – and so I did.

I’m VERY excited (can you tell?)

Now for the test . . . The notification I got that I made the program included the dates for all of the sessions, and the FIRST session happened to be on the evening of the rehearsal Dinner for my Niece’s wedding in Monterey.


I just KNEW I had scrubbed all of those dates on my calendar – How could I have screwed up the FIRST one?

I contemplated changing my travel plans and missing the rehearsal dinner and just couldn’t accept that as being the right thing to do. After all, even the Catalyst mantra is as much about balance and quality of life as it is about entrepreneurship (as it should be). I stewed over it for a while (seemed like eternity) and finally resolved that I would go to Monterey and miss the 1st session of Catalyst.

Not 30 seconds after reaching that conclusion, another email popped in from the EO . . . That set of dates had not been correct . . . the real dates were below . . . and did NOT conflict with anything on my calendar.

I don’t for a minute believe that the Catalyst folks did that on purpose, but the conspiracy theorist within wonders . . .


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