An unintentional Holiday

June 9, 2017 was the last blog post I wrote before leaving on my unintentional Holiday from blogging?

Where did I go?

I went to “BusyLand” and broke my routine.

Instead of following my calendar discipline of blogging first thing upon getting to the office, I started going straight to Facebook . . . or dove right into working.

One day led to the next – then the next – and so on and so on and so on . . .

It was oh-so-easy not to follow my planned regiment.

Occasionally, I would think that I should get back into the groove and then justify not doing it because there were things to do.

Today is July 27, 2017 . . . 48 consecutive days of being “off the wagon” . . . 48 days of denying myself my mojo!


Because I could, and there was no-one there to hold me accountable.

Of course, this wasn’t anyone else’s fault because I was AWOL from all accountability with the only exception being my monthly Catalyst Forum meeting.

So . . . my ONLY accountability was for “Business Development” . . . NOTHING else.

All work and no play . . . No regard for “Having a life worth living” and very little (if any) focus on Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social, and emotional health and well being.

This unintentional Holiday was WAY too easy for me to do. I slipped into an unhealthy habit even though I knew better, and there wasn’t anyone to nudge me into alignment.

Well, this wasn’t a fruitless 48 days because I DID do an AMAZING amount of “Business Development” for Pareto Realty . . . we have hit and are blowing the doors off every goal and benchmark we set at the beginning of the year. While these accomplishments are exhilarating, they are bittersweet for me because I gave up so much quality of life for so long . . . and I KNOW I didn’t have to give all that up in order to succeed . . . In fact, I know that were I to stay within my prescribed Life Rhythm, I might very well have accomplished even MORE.

I know better then opine remorse or regret or shame myself with wouldas and couldas . . . Better to shift to a mode of “Takin’ Care of Business”

Guess what?

I’m breaking the cycle writ LARGE!

Along the way, some important things haven’t been done . . . and I know now why . . . because they are things that I should not be doing anyway . . . yet they MUST be done for all of our systems to work with peak efficiency. So . . . I’m hiring a team of folks from The Inside Story, LLC who will help me clean up all of these messes and get back on the right track . . . AND provide weekly ACCOUNTABILITY!

Such an instructional exercise for me . . . Learning the value of outsourcing the stuff that doesn’t make sense for me to be doing and reaffirming the importance of having regular accountability.

Tell me!

How are YOU doing in this regard?

Can you do less . . . BETTER?

I think you can.

PS – If you’re a REALTOR and are ready to develop a higher performing Sales business with a firm that’s perpetually innovating to provide appropriate leverage to support you . . . connect with me, and let’s chat about the possibilities 🙂

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