An Open Letter – Less is More with Social Media

Every so often, I’ll see someone post on Facebook that they “Took a vacation” from facebook for a couple of weeks and are wondering if anyone missed them?
Yesterday, I saw another post that began with: “I just went from 687 “friends” to 198.”
While I’m very grateful that I made the cut, I totally “get” that point.
Will most of the people who got cut ever know?
I haven’t emailed my favorite group of agents (I call y’all my “Mega-Agents” in my database) in about 3 weeks. For the 5 years prior to that, I emailed you at least once each week (and sometimes 2 or 3 times) inviting you to classes and events and sharing real estate stories and learnings from my perspective as a Principal Broker.
Have you missed me?
Not to worry if you didn’t because I’ll never know 🙂
It’s not all about the numbers, is it?
It’s more about “Quality” and authenticity.
The reason I took that 3 week hiatus is that I ceased ALL of my “mass Marketing” as a way of hitting my own “Social Media Reset Button” . . . just after I came to the stark realization that much of what I was putting out there was not much more than NOISE to the recipients.
What I needed was a “Pattern Break” and a LOT of education.
Well, I’m BACK!
I hired a “Social Media Strategist” who has very politely demonstrated to me my own relative ineffectiveness in the world of Social Media and the net . . . with the oh-so-subtle premise that LESS really IS more!
Fewer posts with richer meaning strategically timed.
It’ll be months before I reach any form of “Mastery” but I’m practicing.
All of this to say that I hope you’ll check out the new me and the new Pareto Realty online.
  • Here’s Pareto Realty on Facebook where we are focusing on highlighting our super-cool city, Real Estate News, and educational information for Home Buyers and Sellers and REALTORS. Please visit us and “Like” us if you like what you see.
  • @ParetoRealty on both Twitter and Instagram
  •  continues to be my main blogging platform. Stop in and check out a series I am writing about the “10 Steps to Successfully Buying a House” . . . a step each day for 10 days. Next will be “10 Steps to Successfully Selling a House
I’m doing all of this for the purpose of taking much of the mystique out of Buying or selling a house for all of those people who haven’t for no other reason than they don’t know how?
I also invite you to share these posts with people who you think might find benefit . . . It might even help you convert a few fence sitters into real clients.
2 Final Thoughts:
  • If you don’t want to receive this weekly email, please let me know
  • We at Pareto Realty are turning up the volume . . . connect with me if you’d like to learn more about what we’re up to 🙂
Hope you are having a great Summer.
Barry Owen
Real Estate Strategist
Founder/Principal Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC \pə-ˈrā-(ˌ)tō\
The Vital Few
102 Woodmont Blvd Suite 242
Nashville, TN 37205
Connect: 615-568-2123
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  1. Following intently your posts made me look at one of my old, old lists that has yellowed with age regarding steps to closing . Thanx. Your post also make me T. H. I. N. K. !


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