An offer here – An offer there . . .

There are offers EVERYWHERE!

One thing I can assure you . . . Every REALTOR in Middle Tennessee (and likely many other places in the USA) who is helping clients buy houses is getting LOTS of practice writing offers.

Like supernatural Ninja warriors, REALTORS everywhere are sneaking around their respective markeplaces hunting for any scent of a new listing upon which they can POUNCE.

The Juicy fruit  is for these stealth Real estate Professionals to create enclaves within which they can share “coming soon” properties . . . these might be closed on-line forums or “Breakfast clubs.” Any REALTOR who can find a property for her Buyer BEFORE it hits the public MLS can potentially avoid the competitive multiple offer scenario.

The MOST juicy fruit is to find a homeowner who wants to sell and has not engaged a REALTOR yet. The Ninja’s first goal might be an “off-market” sale that’s CLOSED before anyone else even knows it’s available.

Serious House Buyers know they MUST be prepared to make an offer as early as the first hint that a house may be available.

These Savvy Buyers KNOW that their best chance of actually catching a house is to hire one of these Ninja REALTORs and work exclusively with that REALTOR . . . and to build a team of experts to be on stand-by for FAST ACTION.

Loan APPROVAL is essential from a lender who is quintessentially accessible such that he can provide a custom letter within minutes of the Buyer identifying a property.

Home Inspectors, Title companies, Contractors, Surveyors, Engineers . . . ALL must be poised and ready to show up on short notice.

Of course, the Ninja REALTORS of the world already have these teams built, so there’s rarely an issue that cannot be address within the time parameters necessary.

Armed and READY to identify the houses, the next critical piece is for the REALTOR and the Buyer to be in sync with each other with regards to making the offer. This must be a seamless operation with NO margin for hesitation or technical difficulties.

The good (and bad) news is this is the piece which most buyers “Get to do” multiple times before winning, so they get plenty of practice. the Buyers must understand the Purchase Agreements and required disclosures BEFOREHAND – and the REALTOR’s system for generating said documents failsafe. In some cases (GASP), the REALTOR might have to be ready to write the offer ON PAPER on the fly rather than with their fancy “Paperless” programs.

Everyone must be up to speed with the electronic signature platforms and competent with transferring these documents expeditiously to get signatures and initials in all the right places FAST!

But FIRST . . . The REALTOR and the Buyer MUST be well educated on the LOCAL market so there’s little delay in studying comparable information. Again, Practice makes perfect. With that knowledge secure, the Buyer’s are well equipped to make a “Highest and Best” offer in a New York Minute.

None of this is “Doom & Gloom” . . . In fact, I hold to the premise that when it’s the right house, the right Buyer will buy it.

Essential components for getting that right house?

  • Work exclusively with ONE Real Estate Sale Professional
  • Be prepared Financially with Loan Approval and required money liquid and available
  • Have a great support team (comes as a “Package Deal” with a great REALTOR)
  • Know the documents
  • Know the Market
  • Move quickly and decisively

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and are in the mood for a move, a great start would be a call to Pareto Realty 🙂


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