An investment with a 400% Return in 60 days!

I look at LOTS of houses because that’s part of what I do for a living.

Whether it’s previewing for a Buyer . . . and/or showing to Buyer clients . . . or to stay on top of the market, I always look at each house with a very discerning eye.

No-one appreciates a house that shows well more than I.

Sometimes (often), the home Seller and Listing agent fall short . . . and I walk away shaking my head, BECAUSE:

Most of the issues that cause a house not to show well are easily and inexpensively fixed.

I’d venture to say that 80% of these owners could invest less than $5,000 in improvements and net $20,000 MORE at the closing table 60 days later.

That’s a 400% return on their investment in 60 days.

Why don’t more people do this?

  • They’re cocky because they think the market is HOT, and their house will sell anyway
  • They’re lazy and don’t want to waste the time and energy it takes to manage the Prep and staging process
  • They’re penny pinchers and don’t want to spend the money on the chance that it doesn’t result in a sale
  • They’re skeptics/Pessimists/Knowitalls who claim to know more than the Real Estate Sales Professionals and Home Staging Professionals
  • Their REALTORS let’m get away with it
  • or . . . They simply don’t HAVE $5,000 to invest

What could $5,000 do for most houses that would be a game changer in the marketplace?

  • Paint ALL of the Walls
  • Clean ALL of the windows
  • Replace/Clean ALL of the worn carpet
  • Buff the hardwood floors
  • CLEAN every room THOROUGHLY
  • Replace the personalized ceiling fans and door/cabinet knobs
  • Remove ALL debris – No clutter whatsoever in ANY room
  • Trim all of the bushes
  • Clean the front porch and front door impeccably
  • Leave a bowl of candy on the kitchen counter (be sure to include some dark chocolate)

To stay within budget, you may need to do some of the work yourself . . . Things like decluttering and cleaning and washing windows and trimming hedges, etc.

DO NOT do the painting or installing of flooring unless you happen to be a professional painter or carpet installer . . . In fact, DO NOT do ANYTHING that you are not “qualified” to do (Like drywall work . . . or trim work . . . or tile) because “we” know when it’s been done by a rookie.

There’s a big difference in preparing a house for the market properly and putting lipstick on a pig, and Buyers and REALTORS know the difference . . . You can NOT fake it.

Do this right . . . and you’ll reap 400% (or more) return within 60 days and you won’t have to “chase the market” by reducing your price over time until it sells (at a below market price).

This is tough love, and I wouldn’t hit you with it if I didn’t love you and wish the best for you.


Don’t forget to call me when you’re ready to get your house ready for the market . . . I might even pitch in on the effort and call in some of my trained professionals to do more for less money.

Let’s do this RIGHT the FIRST time!

With love!


Published by Barry Owen

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