An Easy (and Free) Resolution

I resolve to interact DIRECTLY with more people in 2013 than any year prior.

Nothing more . . .

My hunch is that by doing so, I will increase my personal effectiveness exponentially.

This resolution will not require any expensive memberships in Health clubs or dietary programs . . . no need for personal coaches . . . no new and fancy marketing programs and get rich schemes.

We’re not talking anything akin to “Extreme Make-over”

This is simply a commitment to pick up the phone and take a few minutes to TALK voice to voice (Instead of text to text or DM to DM or Email to email)

Or . . . When the issue at hand matters more, to take the time and effort for a face-to-face meeting for multidimensional communication.

This is about seeking to understand and being less concerned about doing it in 140 characters or less.

and it’s a new (VERY OLD) strategy that WORKS . . . EVERY time.

I’ll make a wager (and I ain’t no bettin’ man) that I can generate more good will and more business for my business this way than ANY other avenue.

This IS the path of least resistance.

I resolve to transact more business this year than any year in my life using the simplest weapon on earth . . . The weapon of effective communication.

My accountability partner will be my “evidence of success” as I will worry a tad less about the “numbers” of contacts and more about communication that MATTERS.

This’ll be a kinder and gentler year for me and my business . . . and a MUCH more rewarding year.

I know this sounds BOLD and DARING . . . I’ma Ninja


What’s YOUR resolution for 2013?

Published by Barry Owen

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