All possibilities should intrigue you . . . Monday Morning Coffee

“When you are in a relentless pursuit to exceed Customer expectations, all possibilities should intrigue you”

I stumbled upon this magnificent nugget embedded in:

The Brand Mindset: Five Essential Strategies for Building Brand Advantage Throughout Your Company

by Duane Knapp

“They” say: “Curiosity killed the cat.” and warn us not to be too inquisitive lest we get ourselves in hot water to which I respond: “But cats have nine lives“.

I am of the opinion that the people who get further faster are those with fighter pilot attitudes who are indeed intrigued by all possibilities.

When we serve others (for a living or charitably) with passion, we innately have a relentless passion for improving the experience of our customers.

We know that, as we improve, our odds of exceeding the expectations of our customers increase precipitously.

Our customers reward our efforts with loyalty and endorsement of our services to all of their Family, friends, and work associates.

Don’t buy into the story of those naysayers who discourage innovation, creativity, dancing on the edge under the heading of “DANGER”.

For sure, we shouldn’t pursue EVERY possibility . . . that is, go running down every bunny trail trail we encounter because we would likely lose sight of our goal/purpose . . . our focus.

Instead, let’s be curious (intrigued) about new possibilities that pop into our field of vision and adopt them if they make sense now.

Interestingly . . . All of the above makes good sense also as we serve our self along out personal life journey.

Do new possibilities excite you or frighten you?

Let your hair down once in a while.

Hoping you have a fabulous week.

PS РI and the Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty are on a continual path of learning as we serve home buying and selling clients . . . and yes . . . We were all born with fighter pilot attitudes.

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