All or nothing? – Monday Morning Coffee!

Our household has fallen to “The Walking Dead Plague”

Somehow, someone suggested we watch The Walking Dead over a week ago.

In my naivety and thinking this would be a 2 hour Movie (I don’t watch much TV), I settled in and we turned on Netflix.

I figured it would be something akin to Night of the Living Dead . . . and I was partially right.

I remember while in High School telling my Mother I had to go to movie at Vanderbilt as an English assignment (which was believable), but we actually went to a screening of Night of the Living Dead. I’ll refrain from telling the rest of that story.

3 hours later, I realized that we had just started “Season 1 Episode 4” . . . and I was HOOKED!

Little did I know, we would be watching a few episodes every night throughout the holidays, and we are now in Season 5.

All of this to say that, we watched the epic battle when “The Governor” came to evict Rick and his crew from their Prison abode (which was very safe from the “Biters”)

Rick tried to reason with “The Governor” by saying that they could BOTH live in the prison in separate Cell Blocks . . .

The Governor (who had a tank and 2 of Rick’s beloved group members as hostages) wouldn’t listen to reason and took the stance that if Rick wouldn’t vacate, they’d simply destroy the prison with their big tank and NO ONE could have it.

The pot boiled, and there was an all-out “Take no Prisoners” battle which did, indeed, end with destruction of the Prison as a safe place and the death of the Governor.

Everyone lost!

We humans are silly this way sometimes.

Hubris defies reason, and we all lose, and we find that many (if not all) of the bridges have been burned.

I saw plenty of this behavior in 2015 as the scarcity of houses for sale in the Nashville real estate market produced ample opportunity for contentious negotiations.

When 11 Buyers want the same house, how do we get through that without hurt feelings?

Peering into my crystal ball, I am optimistically expecting that 2016 will be somewhat kinder and gentler in this regard.

Projections are that Mortgage interest rates will climb gradually over time (The FED has already bumped them up 1/4 point).

We REALTORS think that the rate of housing price increases will be more temperate through the year – Perhaps a more normal 3% in most areas.

We are ever hopeful that the inventory of available Houses and Condominiums will build to a healthy 3-5 month supply between now and Spring and will stay at that level throughout 2016.

So . . . There!

I said it . . . 2016 does NOT have to be like the “Take No Prisoners” 2015.

The FIRST step for everyone to take towards fulfilling  this “prophesy” is a steady flow of houses coming on the market starting NOW!


Waiting for Spring is just silly . . . Why wait when the market is ready for house NOW?

Of course if you are going to sell your house, you’re going to need a place to live, right?

NOW is the perfect time to start the perfect search for your next house BECAUSE new possibilities are coming on the market EVERY day.

Your first (and most important) step in this process is to engage a full service REALTOR to help build a sound strategy and to guide you along and protect you from harm’s way.

Of course, I hope you’ll connect with me or another Pareto Realty Vital Few REALTOR for an initial consultation 🙂

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