All Boats Rise with the Tide

I’m fascinated by “Sudden SUCCESS!”

This is the phenomenon that, if you are an observer, you might think and say things like:

  • She is SO LUCKY!
  • I bet he had “Family Money” that gave him an advantage
  • How could THAT idiot get so successful?

The probable reality is that the successful one toiled and labored for YEARS and sweated and starved and lost ┬ásleep and suffered multiple heartaches and failed many times and doubted and almost quit and had “Friends” come and go and lived in fear . . .

UNTIL . . . that magical moment when “It all just seemed to come together.”

It is at THAT very moment when we realize that this culmination is a direct result of understanding some pretty simple concepts that we’ve all heard so many times but never slowed down enough to “Get” them:

  • It takes a village!
  • There’s No “I” in Team!
  • Together Everyone Achieves More
  • We steadfastly move forward until reach the Tipping point
  • We push to “The point of no return” and never look back
  • We know that our Grail is “Critical Mass”
  • Which provides the Momentum necessary

The right people are now with us.

We cannot time this – Creativity and Spirit emerge by their own clock

The right things are happening, and any firm expectations we hold onto only limit our array of success

We’re in the right place for these right people to foster the manifestation of the right things happening.

We recognize when, what, and who to let go . . . and we do it resolutely!

and we soar!

This “Perfect Storm” creates a Tide Swell . . .

and yes . . . ALL boats rise!



This ain’t for the faint of heart, and it’s worth doing.

Will you?

PS – Pareto Realty is striking a nice chord these days in the Nashville (and surrounding) real estate market. These are exciting times, and we are enjoying healthy growth in the form of more “right people” choosing to join our Vital Few family. If you’re in the mood to learn more about our vibrant real estate firm and how we differ from the others, please visit this link.

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