Aggregating the database . . .


Here’s the problem with being a social media junkie . . . Too many databases!

A rational human wouldn’t think this to be such a daunting issue, so I feel compelled to shed some light of the gravity of the ailment.

1270 contacts in my gmail address book – Nicely categorized. This is my primary communication platform with 5 main categories.

Inner Circle – Important referral sources, prior clients, friends, family . . .

Vendors – Important businesses in my community (also referral sources)

Network – everyone else I have met along the way

Local REALTORS and Brokers – My colleagues – “The well of knowledge” I tap into when I hit a snag

Out of Area REALTORS – From around the country – also great referral sources

Today, I wanted to send the following simple message to all of the “Out of Area REALTORS” . . .

Greetings from Nashville, TN!

Hoping you are blasting into 2011 with gusto.

Just putting myself in front of you to earn a small slice of mindshare in your brain as being the REALTOR of choice for any referrals you might encounter in or out of Nashville, TN.

I’m a Nashville native (one of the few, the proud) and am leading a small and growing tribe of high performing Real Estate Professionals with my new firm Pareto Realty . . . We are the Vital Few in the Nashville Market 🙂

We are very focused on building community among regular people and REALTORS here in Middle Tennessee and are fast becoming a destination for learning as we offer weekly (Free) “Lunch & Learn” events and a whole series of Broker “Consortiums”

Hoping you’ll dial us into your radar as a viable source for any of your Tennessee Referrals.

Please check out my blog at

The problem?

I noticed that the group of Out of Area REALTORS only had @ 150 members . . . and I KNOW there are more . . . so I started digging.

I checked Plaxo and found 4,800 contacts with NO duplicates (3,500 people NOT in my primary database.

Linkedin had another 375

facebook has 747

comcast address book holds @ 6,200

I KNOW that there are many contacts who are in all of those databases . . . and there are even more who are in some of of the databases but not all.

Plaxo has a cool tool designed to “Synch” the data . . . I’ve used it in the past . . . It successfully brought all of the contacts into the new database but failed to merge the categories . . .

ALAS . . . defeated . . . I hang my head in shame and resolve to go “old school” with it (print all of the databases and painstakingly merge them one bit at a time) . . . unless someone smarter than I knows a trick to do it smoothly and automatically?

C’mon Smarty pants geeks – who’s got a great solution for me?

Ultra-smart multifaceted multi database merger ap thinger?

I’m just wishin’




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