Actually SELLING the house (instead of just “Listing it for sale”)

There’s a HUGE difference between “Listing a House” and “SELLING a House,” and clearly some REALTORS are better than most others on that “SELLING” part. The listing part is fun, but doesn’t do a lot of good for anyone involved if it doesn’t SELL . . . SO . . .

We’re having a session here in Nashville Wednesday 1/25/2012 @ 10AM and inviting local Real Estate Pros to explore some ways to increase the odds of being that REALTOR who SELLS listings.

Regardless of any REALTOR’s level of expertise, I believe we all have something significant to bring to this discussion . . . and we all probably have plenty to learn from it 🙂

We’ll explore Issues and Opportunities relating to:

  • creative marketing
  • pricing Strategies
  • staging the House
  • condition concerns
  • coaching the Owners
  • . . . and whatever other ideas anyone has to turn listings into SALES.
If you’re in the area, Will you join us?
If you’re not in the area, perhaps you can invite a gaggle of REALTORS in YOUR local area to do the same . . . at the same day and time (Wed 1/25 @ 10AM CST) . . . Maybe we’ll all create a universal disturbance of some sort that’ll magically heal the housing industry resulting in ALL Listings turning into SALES.

Our session comes with FREE lunch provided by Chris Bontrager with RiteRug (Chris has a company that can help you look like a STAR with your Sellers)

Please RSVP to save your seat in the room (and reserve your lunch)



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