Turn on a dime!

180 degree pivot

In the military, we could (with this 2 word command) orchestrate a complete simultaneous change of direction of 1 soldier – or a couple hundred – or a couple thousand INSTANTANEOUSLY.

We call politicians “Flip-Floppers” when they say one thing yesterday or last week or last month or a few years ago . . . and then say the exact opposite today . . . Are they dishonest, stupid, or what?

Wait a minute . . . don’t YOU ever change your mind?

Isn’t that OK? It’s YOUR mind and if you don’t like what’s happening, you can decide to do different things.

We ALL do it!

I said once that I’d never jump out of a perfectly good airplane. 4 years later I had 167 jumps behind me.

Richard Courtney (REALTOR and Author – and rabid Beetles fan) says: “Buyers are Liars and Sellers are too


Because people say they want an older 1 story ranch on an acre in the country and end up buying a 3 level contemporary condo in the city . . . or they say they’ll accept nothing less than $375,000 for their house and then reduce the price to $350,000 seemingly on a whim.

What is this “About-FACE” phenomenon?

It’s all about motivation and responsibility. Motivations change as we journey along in our lives because the world around us is in perpetual transition –

change is the only constant . . .

When things change on the outside, we must adjust on the inside.

Adapt or fall behind (or worse – die)

This requires a highly evolved ability to choose to take responsibility . . . to be light on our feet such that we can change direction in alignment with our environment.

The best REALTORS and consultants and salespeople and partners in relationships of all kinds totally get this concept . . . They roll with the punches (the flow).

all without judgement 🙂

At Pareto Realty, we practice working with flip-floppers to hone our skills on refocusing our clients when/if they about-face . . .

This is what we love about Presidential election years . . . we can watch a lot of TV and practice our “flip-flop” sales skills.

When you’re in the mood to move in Middle Tennessee, give us a call . . . even if you’re wishy-ashy-flip-floppy as all-get-out . . . we’ll work through it with you . . . without judging ya


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