A trip down Memory Lane

Regardless of your age and life experiences, I’m certain that a trip down memory lane with you would be nothing short of fascinating.

These trips are much more rich and juicy when we bring a friend or 2 with us as we reminisce.

Even better . . . A friend who’s traveled with you for a while Like an elementary school Classmate or neighborhood buddy.

CelicaAdd to this the mystical powers of the internet, and VOILA! Not only can we talk about the way things were, the myriad mistakes we made along the way, and the things we did and accomplished, but we can Google for pictures.

Combine all of the above with a few glasses of wine (or gin for me), and before you know it, you can’t help but realize/notice the tremendous impact YOU have made on ALL of those people who have been fortunate enough to cross paths with you.

Well sure, there have been things you have done of which you are not proud, and you lived through them and outgrew them and prevailed even in those times when you were certain you couldn’t.

As the tales spin, it’s fun to add images/pictures to the mix. That yellow Toyota Celica was the first car I ever owned. I payed $900 for it as a senior in High School. This car was a great car although by anyone’s standards would be considered a “rattle-trap” . . . Yet it safely carried me over 100,000 miles through many of the most dangerous years of my life.

This was my car at Centre College of KY . . . It took me to Ft Riley, Kansas for Army Boot Camp followed by an adventuresome journey through Wisconsin for a quick stop to visit a friend in Madison – then to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to see my Grandfather and back home.

When I left Nashville for boot camp, I had $28 in my pocket – Nothing more, and no access to other money, and I made it there the night before in-processing and slept at a rest area and had cheese and crackers for supper . . . the gas tank was on E. I was paid in cash at the end of boot camp and launched on my trip during which I bought a car stereo (at the Mall of America) and then ran out of money because of toll roads (New York State throughway) and was forced to drive the back roads (no GPS – just a Rand McNally map of the US).

I made it to grandfather’s, and first thing he told me was that he had bought me a ticket to go whale watching next morning, but he would not be joining me because he was not feeling up to it. My pride wouldn’t allow me to ask him for money to help me get food and gas on the trip back to Nashville, so I sold my ticket for just enough money for that little Celica to deliver me safely 1,200 miles back to Kentucky.

This car took me on MANY “road trips” while I owned it – to virtually every city of significance East of the Mississippi, that rattle trap truly was my protector and friend for a long time.

My summer job through those years was as an “order puller” at Tennessee Book Company (Now Ingram Book) where i worked in abysmal conditions – an open air warehouse in stifling, HUMID heat, and I loved it. Throwing 50 lb boxes all day kept me in great shape during my summer break from competitive swimming, I learned responsibility and (along with my neighborhood lawn mowing business) the true value of HARD work and commitment.

When I made enough money to buy a new car, I gave what was left of my trusty Celica to a co-worker who was the hardest working man I’ve ever since encountered. He was married and had children and hailed from Eagleville . . . and was somehow surviving on a $3.75/hr wage . . . I thought he deserved the car. That was my last summer for that job because I landed (Thanks to my friend Buck) a job making $5/hr as a cook at the new Applebees Restaurant on Elliston Place (that space is now a Hotel).

There are MANY more stories to be told. Looking back, I can easily define 5 careers in a span of 35 years – Restaurant Management, USArmy Combat Engineer Officer, Real Estate Sales Professional, Principal Real Estate Broker, and now Broker/Owner of Pareto Realty.

This post is for no other intent than to invite you to intentionally taking an occasional stroll down memory lane with a friend or more to remind yourself of all you have endured and accomplished thus far. I think you’ll be AMAZED at what you’ll learn from yourself about yourself.

Your strength and resilience has always been there to carry you and others through the rough spots . . . and somehow igbok (It’s gonna be OK) always prevails.

Final thought: As you connect with people in your day to day ramblings – Family, Friends, Work Associates, and clients, I hope you will have in mind how great each and every one of them truly is . . . and if you’re lucky, you might get a chance to stroll down their memory lane with them.

Everyone has their own History and veritable treasure trove of fascinating stories of adventuresome antics.

All you’ve gotta do is Pause, Listen, Acknowledge, and Learn.

I can’t wait to here what your next adventure will be.

PS – We REALTORS do a lot of this naturally because it helps us help our clients realize their housing dreams. It’s only when we clearly know where they want to go that we can help them get there.



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