A time to be unreasonable!

Do you consider yourself to be one of the “mass of men?”

Most people seek safety through anonymity.

Somehow, we were schooled as children not to stand out.

When the teacher was looking for volunteers, only a few of us would raise hands while everyone else avoids eye contact with the teacher and tries to be as small and invisible as possible.

This is an easier way of living, and it is entirely possible to live this way for an entire life . . . in fact, most people DO live this way their entire lives . . . in the comfort of the herd.

Yet I would venture to say that ALL people crave recognition for individuality.

We all want to be GREAT . . . To leave a personal legacy . . . to make our mark on the world during our human experience . . . to be remembered after death for having lived an accomplished life.

These days, there are more intrepid explorers who aren’t playing by these rules of leading a this life of quiet desperation (a la Henry David Thoreau). 20 year retirements are still happening, but more and more people are making the break to a more fulfilling and exciting life.

GASP! They’re defecting to the dark side of entrepreneurial pursuits.

These folks are taking ownership of George Bernard Shaw’s quip:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

So . . . Ask yourself:

“Am I ready to adapt a new set of rules for my way of life such that I choose to be less reasonable when it comes to blending in to the crowd, and decide instead to abandon whatever fear I may have of being NOTICED as an individual . . . and to strike out on my own mission to have a significant impact on the right people and the world within my ever-expanding bubble?” 


THAT was a mouthful of a question, but I beseech you to ask it of yourself and sit with it and discover your true passion such that you can follow your heart by taking appropriate action to begin this journey of adapting the world to YOU.

I can think of SO many reasons for you to do this including my own selfish desire to benefit from the results of your success.

Statistically, only the “Vital Few” (<20%) people will rise to this challenge while the “Trivial Many” keep their distance and watch from their safe places.

In my excitement surrounding the possibility that I can coax more people to embark on this trek themselves, I’m offering a monthly “Mastermind” here in Nashville as a Laboratory (testing/learning grounds) to offer support and encouragement.

The first of these gatherings will be Wednesday February 17, 2016

Ping me if you’d like to attend, and i’ll send you the details.

If you are in a snowy place now as I am here in Nashville, TN, I hope you are staying safe and warm.

PS: Pareto Realty is and always has been all about creating a space for real Estate Sales Professionals to develop their niche businesses such that they are VITAL members of our community – Connect with me when you are ready 🙂

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