A sure-fire way to GUARANTEE that something you DON’T want to happen, DOES!

My daughter Allison was sitting in seat #1, and it was time to draw straws to find who she would draw as a partner on the next class project.

There was one student she did NOT want to be her partner (Let’s call him “Bob”).

She was to be the FIRST student to draw which means that she had the least likelihood of choosing Bob’s straw.

As she reached to pick her straw, she was repeating in her mind: “I do NOT want Bob! I do NOT want BOB!”

She closed her eyes and reached into the middle of the straws and drew a straw . . .

When she opened her eyes, she saw that she had, in fact, drawn the straw that said: “BOB”

She asked me WHY?

WHY did I have to draw BOB?

I asked her if she was concentrating on BOB when she chose her straw, and she confessed that she had been.

I simply said: “What you focus on expands!”

Just like when you’re playing soccer and have a wide open shot to score a goal if you can only AVOID kicking it to the goalie . . . and then you kick it STRAIGHT into the goalie’s waiting hands.

Or you go into the grocery store feeling grumpy and not wanting to run into anyone you know and EVERYONE you know is THERE and happy to see you.


I could only tell her: “It’s a God thing!”

Apparently, there’s something you need to learn from your focus on whatever/Whomever it is you are trying to avoid.

How much energy do expend each day focusing on things that you DON’T want to happen?

What does that accomplish other than manifesting it sooner.

The mind is a powerful thing – It creates one self-fulfilling prophecy after another.

If all of the above is true (and we prove that it is daily), why not do something good with it . . .

Focus more on things you DO want to happen and people you DO want to see . . . more on what matters.

The happier we all will be 🙂


I’m 100% focused on the good mojo surrounding every facet of the real estate market in the first 9 days of 2014 . . . and rejoicing as I see this focus converting into an ever expanding MOMENTUM that I am certain will carry through and into 2015.

If you’re in the mood to move, connect with me and let’s practice some focused manifestation of dreams together.

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